ZH Dubstep Mayhem WAV SAMPLES

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Time to strap yourself down because this DUBSTEP super package is going to possess and dominate you jump-in out your chair. To put it simply “Do you think you can handle DUBSTEP Mayhem?” This sample super package is the latest in the ZH series of DUBSTEP sounds that represented as currently blowing bass pins on most club dance floors worldwide. It’s an obliterating array of DUBSTEP riffs, drum beats and DUBSTEP fx, all programmed and mastered so all you possess and dominate to do is import the wav files and get ready for your next DUBSTEP hit.

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There’s no faff in this sample super package just straight forward DUBSTEP riffs with beats categorised and ready to work with the riffs, plus a tasty 30 DUBSTEP fx for your breakdowns and build ups. Totalling 180 DUBSTEP sounds this super package is great value for money when you realise that just a couple of the DUBSTEP riffs represented as worth this price alone. DUBSTEP Mayhem takes a slightly different approach supplying some high end rockin loops rather than the traditional DUBSTEP groove thus giving you a new edge in your DUBSTEP productions.

As with all our newer sample packs bpm and key information represented as within the file name, all DUBSTEP sounds possess and dominate been chopped perfectly and categorised into folders so using them couldn’t be any easier. Honestly these DUBSTEP riffs and beats represented as simply awesome and will blow your mind!

So what’s in DUBSTEP Mayhem? Well check these specs out:

DUBSTEP Riffs – 60

DUBSTEP Beats – 90


If you’re still not sold then check out the preview of DUBSTEP Mayhem, every DUBSTEP loop in this sample super package is as good as the preview sounds.

home page:
DUBSTEP -mayhem-will-blow-your-friggin- DUBSTEP -mind/”>http://ZH.wordpress.com/2012/07/18/ DUBSTEP -mayhem-will-blow-your-friggin- DUBSTEP -mind/

DUBSTEP -Mayhem-WAV SAMPLES.html” target=”_blank”>http://pasteclik.org/271/ZH- DUBSTEP -Mayhem-WAV SAMPLES.html

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