ZH Sound Packs Collection

ZH Sound Packs Collection

ZH Sound Packs Collection

Sound Packs Collection | 15 GB

Collection of libraries from ZH. You will find here many professional sounds for dance music creation. Collection Super material included drum loops, drums, basses, leads, fx and other different samples. Enjoy!

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ZH Sound Libraries Collection | WAV SAMPLES, Synth Presets | 15.5 GB


Oldskool Rave Collection
Studio Essentials: PROGRESSIVE HOUSE
Studio Essentials: Minimal Tech
Studio Essentials: Techno
Studio Essentials: Trance
Studio Essentials: Psytrance
Studio Essentials: Euro HOUSE
Studio Essentials: Deep HOUSE
Studio Essentials: Breaks
Studio Essentials: DUBSTEP
Studio Essentials: Underground Techno
Transformer FX By ZenFX
Turbo Risers 01 & 02
Massive Tech Chords
Organic Techno Toppers
Massive DUBSTEP Basslines
Trance Synths
Twisted Tech Grooves 01 & 02
Pro Trance Drum Loops Vol.1-10
Ultimate Psytrance Drum Kit 01
Vintage HOUSE Construktion Kit 01
Minimax Tech Construktion Kit 01
Berlin HOUSE Grooves 01
Berlin HOUSE Grooves 02
Balearic Tech HOUSE Grooves
Drum Rolls And Fills Club
All Star Breaks 01
Ultra Rise And Sweep FX vol.1 & 2
Pro HOUSE Drum Loops Multipack Vol.1-20
Deep HOUSE Synth Loops 01
Tech HOUSE Construktion Kit 01
Global HOUSE Drum Beats 001
Global HOUSE Drum Beats 002
Global HOUSE Drum Beats 003
Ultra Sub Basslines vol.1-3
Psytrance Synths & Grooves 01
Psy Trance Construction Kit 01
Late Night Techno Grooves 01
Late Night Techno Grooves 02
Booms & Breakdown FX 01
Booms & Breakdown FX 02
2012 Clubbers Kicks
DUBSTEP Drum Kit 02
Trance Power Basslines
Deeper Basslines
Big Room Synth Stabs 1
Ultra 80s Drum Kit 001
Pure Minimal Tech Beats 01
Pure Minimal Kick Drums 01-04
Pure 80’s Hi Hats 01
Pure 80’s Kick Drums 01
Pure 80’s Snares & Claps 01
Pure Minitech Basslines 01
Pure Minitech Basslines 02
Nu Disco Fundamental Kit Vol.1
Ultra Minimal Beats 01-03
Extreme Sub Booms 01

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