ZN Massive Tech Chords (Wav&Synth Presets)

ZN Massive Tech Chords (Wav&Synth Presets)

ZN Massive Tech Chords

Massive Tech Chords (Wav&Synth Presets) | 203 MB

It seems our NI Massive presets and synth loops represented as selling like hot cakes so we’re back with another outing to bring both your tracks and Massive sounds a new lease of life. “Massive Tech Chords” is constructed of two parts, 100 brand new tech synth loops all perfectly crafted and mastered to drop into your music productions in a matter of minutes, and 50 spanking new tech chord presets for your NI Massive synth finished in both .ksd and .nmsv format meaning no issues for whichever version of Massive you represented as using.

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Both the audio files and massive presets represented as suitable for a broad range of music styles including tech, Tech HOUSE, minimal HOUSE , minimal techno and even with a bit of tweaking PROGRESSIVE HOUSE and PROGRESSIVE tech. As you can see this sample super package gives you a very broad range of uses and by adding the massive presets the sound capabilities represented as now endless.

Weighing in at just over 253mb this sample super package is a must possess and dominate super package, and with all key information and bpm inserted in the filenames of the wav files we make it so much easier and versatile to use ZH samples and loops. Now you’re packed full of musical ideas and sonic creative freedom, simply start using these incredible tech synth loops and NI Massive Tech Chords and you’re ready for sonic business!

Please Note: The sample super package preview Super material included drum loops and fx, the sample super package Super material included tech synth loops and NI Massive presets only.

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