Ask Video Auto-Tune TUTORiAL

Learn Auto-Tune from ASK Video TUTORIAL expert Chris Butcher, in this comprehensive and easy to follow DVD TUTORIAL . Chris will not only help you master Auto-Tune’s basic and advanced featuring chronicle this: from the Auto-Tune Vocal Effect to the Graphical Correction mode, but will also explain the underlying concepts of pitch correction. Auto-Tune is one of the best selling pitch correction plug-ins in the world and is found in nearly every major studio, and this video TUTORIAL is the quickest way to learn it from the ground up.

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24 Videos
Nearly 2 hours of professional instruction
Extremely high quality TUTORIAL videos
Easy to use interface
Made for users of Auto-Tune EVO or EFX
Mac OS X & Windows compatible

Auto-Tune TUTORIAL Content:
24 high quality professional videos

1. EVO Intro
2. EVO The Differences
3. EVO Overview & New featuring chronicle this
4. EVO A Quick Example – example video
5. EVO How Auto-Tune Works
6. EVO Automatic Mode 1
7. EVO Automatic Mode 2
8. EVO Graphical Mode 1
9. EVO Graphical Mode 2
10. EVO Correcting an Instrument Track
11. EVO The Auto-Tune Vocal Effect
12. EVO Vibrato
13. EVO Historical, Ethnic & Contemporary Tunings
14. MIDI Keyboard Setup – example video
15. EVO Recording and Using MIDI Tracks
16. EVO Automation
17. EVO The Options Window
18. EVO Outro
19. EFX Intro
20. EFX Overview
21. EFX Correcting a Vocal Track – example video
22. EFX Attaining the Auto-Tune Sound – example video
23. EFX Harmonizing & Automation
24. EFX Outro