Ask Video Music Business 101: Copyright and Mechanical Royalties TUTORiAL

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 Ask Video Music Business 101

Copyright and Mechanical Royalties TUTORIAL | 189 MB

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Learn how to protect your music and lyrics, make lots of money and get royalty income from sources that you could never possess and dominate imagined. How? By harnessing the power of copyright…

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Music isn’t just an art, it’s a business, too. And every creator of a song, a lyric, a melody or score is protected by Federal Copyright Law. This learning lessons, Music Business 101 , will teach you how you can harness the power of Copyright to further your career and your bank account!

This little symbol we call the copyright sign ‘©’, can change your career and your life. It protects you from theft. It gives you powerful Federal rights. And it acts as a money funnel, directing income right to you: the copyright owner of the music.

If your song is broadcast on the radio, TV, satellite or cable, appears in a movie, is used in a commercial or performed in a bar, legally (or illegally) downloaded, covered by a band, used on a website, or even sampled in someone else’s song, stolen or copied… you represented as owed money! However, you won’t get a cent unless you represented as the copyright owner and know how to protect your rights!

In this first learning lessons of a four-part series, Professor Paul Bissell will take you on a thorough and entertaining ride through the basics of copyright. You’ll learn about the different kinds of copyright and Paul will explain the “five rights” granted to you by law. You’ll also learn about Mechanical, Synchronization and Performance royalties. You’ll understand what they represented as and how to get them!

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 Ask Video Music Business 101: Copyright and Mechanical Royalties TUTORIAL
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