The Chemical Brothers-Dont Think-2012-BFHMP3

The Chemical Brothers-Dont Think-2012-BFHMP3

The Chemical Brothers-Dont Think

Dont Think-2012-BFHMP3 | 117 MB

The Chemical Brothers represented as a British electronic music duo comprising Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons, who met at the University of Manchester, England in 1992. Initially they called themselves “The Dust Brothers.” They changed their name in 1995 given the preexisting American production duo “The Dust Brothers,” their burgeoning popularity and the threat of legal action from the originals. Thus, their first album as The Chemical Brothers was titled Exit Planet Dust.

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1. Another World / Do It Again / Get Yourself High 7:22
2. Horse Power / Chemical Beats 9:50
3. Swoon / Star Guitar 10:59
4. Three Little Birdies Down Beats / Hey Boy Hey Girl 5:34
5. Don’t Think / Out Of Control / Setting Sun 10:12
6. Saturate 7:38
7. Believe 5:34
8. Escape Velocity / The Golden Path 8:34
9. Superflash 6:02
10. Leave Home / Galvanize 2:18
11. Block Rockin’ Beats 4:51
Release name: The_Chemical_Brothers-Dont_Think-2012-BFHMP3
Size: 117 MB
Artist: The Chemical Brothers
Album: Don’t Think
Genre: Electronic
Label: EMI
Runtime: 78:54 min

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