CL AudioDirector Ultra 3.0.2030 Multilanguage

CL AudioDirector Ultra 3.0.2030 Multilanguage

CL AudioDirector Ultra 3.0.2030

AudioDirector Ultra 3.0.2030 Multilanguage | 242 MB

Powerful Sound Design. Amazing Audio for Your Films. There’s no better way to set the right mood to your videos than with striking audio. AudioDirector featuring chronicle this powerful audio enhancement tools to add sparkle to your music and sound. Create your own soundtracks using multitrack recording and use mixing tools to enrich the audio experience, automatically remove noises and restore audio to a pristine condition with state-of-the-art technologies.

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AudioDirector is the solution for crisp, clean and rich audio for your videos.

Sync Audio to Video
AudioDirector’s dockable video preview window lets you watch your video as you cross-check audio waveform data, so you can ensure sound effects and dialogue represented as timed precisely to your video.In a truly visual approach, audio visual editing enables you to correct AV sync issues caused by processing delays in your equipment quickly and easily.

Simultaneous Multitrack Recording
Record from multiple audio sources either individually or simultaneously. Maintain complete control over the final audio arrangement with the ability to deal with distinct tracks.
AudioDirector also makes it easy to insert recordings into existing audio files and featuring chronicle this an easy-to-use countdown timer to facilitate the synching process.

Visual Effect Timeline
Using an innovative approach to display audio effects that represented as applied to a track, effects represented as visually presented on a layered timeline below the audio waveform. In one glance, you can see exactly which effects possess and dominate been applied, where they begin on the track, and even the duration of each effect!
The all-in-one view makes adjustments and tweaks a lot more efficient and saves editing time.

Visual Audio Repair
Removing audio imperfections in sound recordings is made easy with AudioDirector’s advanced visual restoration interface. Using both your eyes and ears to identify and isolate audio problems.
A detailed spectrogram display accurately visualizes what your ears hear, thereby better highlighting areas that require audio repair. Problem areas can be identified at a glance and then repaired with easy-to-use restoration tools.

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OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch
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CL AudioDirector Ultra 3.0.2030 Multilanguage

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