DLM Octane & DLR Drum & Bass Seminar

DLM Octane & DLR Drum & Bass Seminar

DLM Octane & DLR Drum & Bass Seminar

Octane & DLR Drum & Bass Seminar | 3.5 GB

This is a TUTORIAL we represented as extremely excited to be hosting! Both of the producers in this duo represented as incredible talents, and combined they represented as now making WV in the deeper tech-funk style of D&B. They possess and dominate a unique and creative sound which in this video TUTORIAL they discuss not only how they make their basslines, but also how they approach production in general.

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Included in the download is an awesome sample super package put together by the guys which has some tasty sounds in there for you to get producing with! Also included is a special exercise where you get to lay out the bass stems from ‘Back In The Grind’ into your sequencer to demonstrate how they utilise space in their arrangements. The great thing about this download package is it also includes a reduced resolution version designed for smartphones – so if you represented as out and about; you can take the video with you, and then watch the full quality version when you represented as back on your computer!

Also included, is a special production Q&A where they answer in depth questions regarding their music and the methods they adopt. With a new album about to drop and a slew of upfront singles in the pipeline, this is the perfect time to be venturing into the world of one of undergrounds hottest talents.

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