DMP Sessions 05 Access Virus Ti MOV TUTORiAL

DMP Sessions 05 Access Virus Ti MOV <a href='' /> TUTORIAL </a>” border=”0″ src=”” title=”DMP Sessions 05 Access Virus Ti MOV <a href=''> TUTORIAL </a>“></a></div>
<h1>DMP Sessions 05 Access Virus Ti </h1>
<h2>Sessions 05 Access Virus Ti MOV <a href=''> TUTORIAL </a> | 1.3 GB</h2>
<div>The  Access Virus has become one of the most influential synthesizers in the  production of dance music and its sonic signature can be heard in all  styles of dance music. Due to a large number of requests, for this  sessions <a href=''> TUTORIAL </a> we examine the world famous Access Virus Ti  synthesizer. Used by a huge variety of artists from Oakenfold to Sasha,  to Dr Dre and Radiohead its has grown to be one the most popular  synthesizers on the market. But despite its popularity and reputation it  still remains a mystery to many artists due to the vast array of  functions on offer.</div>
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In Sessions 05: The Virus Ti, we spend close to 5 hours of video walking through and dissecting the interface tab by tab covering all the parameters on offer including the browser, the three oscillators and the different synthesis engines they offer, the twin filters, the LFO’s, the modulation matrix, the Arp, the effects, the Atomizer and Vocoder. We even cover the often bewildering remote utility and ‘MIDI string programming’ showing how to control other synths, virtual Instruments and Plug-ins using the Virus hardware parameters.

(NB: this TUTORIAL concentrates on using the Ti integrated into the sequencer via its plug-in interface, it does not cover using the Virus as a standalone unit)

TUTORIAL Contents:

Session 01: Easy and Browser – 16 minutes
Session 02: Classic Oscillators – 33 minutes
Session 03: Hypersaws – 16 minutes
Session 04: Wavetable – 20 minutes
Session 05: Granular and Formant – 21 minutes
Session 06: Oscillator Final – 20 minutes
Session 07: Filters – 40 minutes
Session 08: LFO & Matrix – 25 minutes
Session 09: Arpeggiator – 12 minutes
Session 10: FX Section – 42 minutes
Session 11: Common & PTCH – 27 minutes

Total Runtime 272 Minutes (4.5 Hours)


Download DMP Sessions 05 Access Virus Ti MOV TUTORIAL
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