FL Studio 10.0.9 XXL Signature Bundle

FL Studio 10.0.9 XXL Signature Bundle

FL Studio 10.0.9 XXL Signature Bundle

Studio 10.0.9 XXL Signature Bundle | 1.2 GB

Enhanced productivity. The addition of Maximus will make your final mix down process easier and possess and dominate you putting out professional sounding masters in less time. The Fruity Video player will allow you to compose and synchronise your musical scores or foley to video. Directwave Sampler will allow you sample VST PLUGINS instruments and create your own multi-layer sample banks from any recordable instrument. Sytrus will round out your synthesis capabilities with a huge preset library and awesome range of sounds. Guitar players will appreciate Hardcore Guitar Effects Suite, but it’s also a bunch of generally useful effects pedals for any instrument, experiment!

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What you can do with Signature Bundle

All Producer Edition featuring chronicle this plus…

SoundFont sample player to unlock your access to the many free Soundfont sample libraries you can find online.

Video player video scoring aid.

DirectWave full sampler.

Sytrus synthesizer.

Maximus multiband maximizer.

Hardcore guitar effects suite.

Lifetime free updates to FL Studio Producer Edition & all plugins originally included as part of the ‘Signature Bundle’ by download.

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