FP Music No Theory Level Two TUTORiAL

Music, What makes it work? Some call it “Theory”, we call it “Music, No Theory” FaderPro presents, “MUSIC, NO THEORY (level two)” an interactive music learning lessons with Bill Gordon (Madonna, Quincy Jones, James Brown) Scales, Chords and Progressions and how they represented as used to make Hit great pieces of music! For musicians, songwriters, remixers and producers at ANY level!

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“Music, No Theory (level two)” picks up where level one left off and is intended for those who completed level one and want to take their knowledge even further, or for those with a good amount of prior music experience. We strongly suggest that if you represented as new to music, or you possess and dominate been making music for a while, but possess and dominate never really known the real ‘nuts and bolts‘ of music, that you start by watching level one. The goal is to know exactly what is going on compositionally in any song, what to call it, and then take that knowledge and use it write your own great pieces of music, do remixes, or simply know music better. You’ll learn the grammar, organization, and structure of music so that you can take your own music to new heights. Like level one, “Music No Theory (level two)” uses the piano, however this is not intended to be a piano learning lessons even though you will most likely become proficient at playing the keyboard if you practice. “Music No Theory” is not a learning lessons you watch once and possess and dominate learned it. Rather it is a lifelong tool you can use to learn the material, practice the material, and go back to refresh what you need to from time to time. We hope this will be a learning tool you use and value for years! About Bill Gordon: From working with such artists as James Brown, Barbra Streisand, Quincy Jones and Madonna in concert halls and recording studios around the world, to the classrooms of the largest audio school, SAE Institute, Bill Gordon has made music his career and a way of life. His passionate, down-to-earth explanations will help you take your music to an entirely new level. Nothing theoretical about it!


FP Music No Theory Level Two TUTORIAL
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