G3 EZkeys Explained TUTORiAL-SONiTUS

G3 EZkeys Explained <a href='http://proaudioz.com/download/tutorial' /> TUTORIAL </a>-SONiTUS” border=”0″ height=”296″ src=”http://hdimage.info/images/72G3_EZkeys_Explained_TU.jpg” title=”G3 EZkeys Explained <a href='http://proaudioz.com/download/tutorial'> TUTORIAL </a>-SONiTUS” width=”320″></a></div>
<h1>G3 EZkeys Explained <a href='http://proaudioz.com/download/tutorial'> TUTORIAL </a></h1>
<h2>EZkeys Explained <a href='http://proaudioz.com/download/tutorial'> TUTORIAL </a>-SONiTUS | 126 MB</h2>
<div>Is the <span>songwriter</span> in you looking for an easy way to write music? Look no further than “EZkeys Explained”. In this micro series, Eli Krantzberg <span>breaks</span>  down the simply superb Toontack EZKeys plug-in and shows you all of its  featuring chronicle this and functions as well how to lay out your own song.</div>
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Eli starts with showing you how to set up the plug-in for standalone use, use its presets, pedals, dynamics and tuning sections. Then he reveals the browser section and how to audition MIDI files in different keys and tempos, as well as sort, categorize and save favorites. He then shows you how to edit the song track and arrange, import and export MIDI files and finally create a piano part for an original song.

If you use TT EZkeys, watching this collection of video tutorials is an EZ choice to make. Watch “EZkeys Explained today.

Product Highlights
6 Tutorials / 42 Minutes Total Runtime
For all beginner to intermediate EZkeys users
Tutorials written by DAW expert Eli Krantzberg
Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC

Download G3 EZkeys Explained TUTORIAL -SONiTUS

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