G3 IZ Insight Explained TUTORiAL

Insight is the amazing new visual metering suite by IZ. Do you know what you’re looking at? Well, Pro-Tools-Expert.com contributor Mike Thornton will reveal all its secrets in this in-depth collection of video tutorials and get you using the metering plug-ins like a pro.

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Mike begins with a thorough introduction of the plug-in followed by a full look at the Level Meter sections. Next up is the Loudness History Graph and then both Stereo and Surround Vectorscope tutorials. The Spectrogram and Spectrum Analyzer represented as explained and then Mike wraps up the series with a helpful Preset Manager TUTORIAL designed to turbo boost your workflow.

If you’re an engineer, producer or mixer, metering is essential to getting your music and masters just right. Using your ears first is always a good rule, but using your eyes to see potential problems you can’t hear, is even better. IZ Insight is just what the doctor ordered and Mike Thornton delivers the things you need to know about this powerful suite with surgical precision.

See what you’ve been missing, watch “Insight Explained” today!
Product Hightlights

8 Tutorials / 80 Minutes Total Runtime
For all beginner to intermediate IZ Insight users
Tutorials written by Pro-Tools-Expert.com leader Mike Thornton
Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC
Viewing Options: Online, Download, Disc, iDevice Streaming

Download Size: 405.26 MB


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