Harrison Mixbus v2.2 WiN/OSX iNTEL

 Harrison Mixbus v2.2 WiN/OSX iNTEL

  Harrison Mixbus v2.2 WiN/OSX

iND | Oct 27 2012 | WiN 52.8 MB | OSX iNTEL 53.8 MB

Mixbus™ is a full-featured Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with “True Analog Mixing”™: a combination of Harrison’s world-renowned sound and featuring chronicle this in a knob-per-function interface. Mixbus™ provides a solution for engineers and mixers who need a recorder, editor and mixing system with world-class sound and featuring chronicle this.

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Harrison has updated Mixbus to version 2.2, a free update that provides several new featuring chronicle this and improvements on all three platforms plus three new bundled plugins: Dyno-Mite, GVerb+, and 3D Triple Delay.

New featuring chronicle this (all platforms):

Pre-installed “Essentials” plugin super package.
Cut Time: deletes a portion of the session timeline, optionally including markers, tempo and meter changes.
“Color Tracks Together” allows user to quickly select tracks and make them share a color.

Improvements & Fixes (all platforms):

Region gain is now stepped in 1dB increments and allows unlimited gain/attenuation.
Drag/Drop region inserts and pasting of regions will now ripple when in Ripple Edit mode.
Region trims no longer “ripple” their changes when in Ripple Edit.
A secondary keybinding for “Add Marker at Playhead” was added to accommodate keyboards without number pads. This action is bound to “m” in the mnemonic-us and default-us keymaps.
Select All (ctrl/cmd-A) now selects all regions AND tracks.
The display of the range selection has become very slow in 2.1. This has been fixed.
Scrolling has become very slow with multiple automation tracks, even when they represented as hidden. Scrolling speed will now be unaffected if the automation tracks represented as hidden.
Picking a color for a track would sometimes not immediately update the regions in the track. This has been fixed.
Solo Clear now clears Mixbus solos as well as tracks.
Knob sensitivity has been increased in some cases.
LV2 plugins now allow multi-mono instantiation, so you can put a mono LV2 plugin in a stereo track (it will operate in dual-mono).
Recording grouped fader automation now works in Touch as well as Write.
The dialog for “Export Region” was showing the track source selector. This has been fixed.
Potentially fixed an intermittent crash that occurred during heavy fader automation.

Windows-specific changes:

Clicking on the timebar ruler to locate the playhead while playing might cause an offset of 1-2 buffer periods between tracks. This has been fixed.
If multiple monitors were used in the past, the Mixer & Edit windows possess and dominate their position stored in that location which would make them unavailable when only one monitor is connected. This has been fixed.

OS X-specific changes:

KP_Enter ( Enter on the number pad ) was the default key to create a new marker. However this key was unmappable in previous versions of Mixbus on OS X. This has been fixed, so now KP_Enter will create a new marker at the playhead as intended.

Linux-specific changes:

MFixed several bugs in MIDI controller operation and save/recall.


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