How Music Works with Howard Goodall

How Music Works with Howard Goodall

How Music Works with Howard Goodall

How Music Works with Howard Goodall | 1.9 GB

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Composer Howard Goodall strips music down to it’s essential parts to find out, How Music Works. Whether the music is Eastern or Western, old or new, popular or classical, jazz or folk, many elements represented as universal to all music.

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How is the music – Melody
Why do since birth, the melody has to possess and dominate such a strong impact? Melodies pierce us to the depths of my soul, and can cause feelings of love, sorrow, faith and hope. But how to construct a melody?
In this film composer Howard Goodall to consider all the major components tunes. Why do some melodies represented as common to all musical cultures in the world? Can I write a beautiful melody at random? And if not, then rely on that when composers compose their own tunes?

How is the music – rhythm
From the moment when our hearts begin to beat, the rhythm becomes part of us. We represented as all programmed to respond to rhythm, whether walking or dancing, clicking your fingers or stamping their feet. In this film, Howard Goodall will consider all the basic rhythmic patterns ever created by musicians worldwide. Of Bahamian natives to rappers, from the founders of the Cuban son, to Philip Glass, from Stevie Wonder to Fats Waller.
Why is a certain rhythm we like to dance, and at others not? How does the rhythm in which explicit audible rhythm, and not, as in classical music? What unites the African drummers and Bach? Why do contemporary pop great pieces of music rhythm shifted? And as a small island in the Caribbean affected the entire music world?

How is the music – Harmony
In the late Middle Ages Western harmony went his way, not like the development of the musical styles of other parts of the world. She invented the chords, and over seven hundred years, and studied their properties. In this film, Howard Goodall will consider how to construct the western harmony. As it is mixed with other components of music and forms a new musical styles.
Tabs represented as added in the progression, and Howard shows how familiar all the chord progressions create a sense of movement in all musical styles – from classical to pop. Why, ranging from medieval Italy and ending with yesterday’s chart, the same chord sequence appears in the music again and again?
Musicians possess and dominate always been not mind poizgalyatsya over the basic chords, and experiment with dissonance. We will see how these musical machinations look like inside and how they affect students. From folk music of the Middle Ages to Bach, Beethoven and Wagner, from Chuck Berry to David Bowie, Hendrix and ColdPlay same harmony again and again …

How is the music – Bass
Usually a distinguished music melody, rhythm and harmony. But what about the lowest of notes, because they still affect how these three? In this film, Howard Goodall shows how the bass gradually charm of musicians and composers.
Five hundred years, the master of musical instruments pereprobyvali all shapes and sizes, trying to make something able to reproduce the lush, low notes. But only with the invention of the synthesizer, the almighty authority possess and dominate finally found a worthy competitor. With the era of disco, dance music, drum ‘n bass, bass found its place of honor in music.
Besides, there represented as bass and one more important role, which differs greatly from the simple podygryvaniya somewhere in the background. Bass line is able to completely transform the product to help turn around chord progressions. Howard will carefully consider this dark horse of the music world and how she came by the way the works of such masters as Johann and Richard Strauss, John Philip Sousa, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Thomas Albinoni, Bach and resident leyba Moutaun bass maestro, James Jemerson.

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