Kill Devil Hill-Kill Devil Hill-2012-PMS

Kill Devil Hill-Kill Devil Hill-2012-PMS

Kill Devil Hill-Kill Devil Hill

Kill Devil Hill-2012-PMS | 90 MB

Description:Kill Devil Hill is a super group consisting of famed bassist Rex Brown, (Pantera, Down) drum monster Vinny Appice (former drummer with Black Sabbath, Dio and Heaven And Hell), guitar virtuoso Mark Zavon and vocalist Dewey Bragg.In 2009 Vinny had found the perfect guitarist in Zavon, who was also looking to start a new band. Zavon played a demo he had recorded with vocalist Dewey Bragg, and Vinny was floored. With the three members in place Vinny asked his long time friend Rex Brown to play bass on a demo track called War Machine Rex immediately agreed and the final puzzle piece was in place for the formation of Kill Devil Hill.

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01. War Machine 3:07
02. Hangman 3:20
03. Voodoo Doll 3:52
04. Gates Of Hell 4:42
05. Rise From The Shadows 3:59
06. Were All Gonna Die 4:19
07. Strange 3:24
08. Time & Time Again 3:49
09. Old Man 2:59
10. Mysterious Ways 2:20
11. Up In Flames 5:35
12. Revenge 4:54
Release Name: Kill_Devil_Hill-Kill_Devil_Hill-2012-PMS
Size: 90.08 MB
Artist: Kill Devil Hill
Album: Kill Devil Hill
Genre: Metal
Label: SPV Records
Runtime: 46:20 mins

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