Lady Blacktronika-Pieces Of My Puzzle (LAR029)-WEB-2012-dh

Lady Blacktronika-Pieces Of My Puzzle (LAR029)-WEB-2012-dh

Lady Blacktronika-Pieces Of My Puzzle

 (LAR029)-WEB-2012-dh | 317 MB

Lady Blacktronica seems to me to be the only owner of the key of dreams. Everytime you listen to her music you instantly take new paths to other universes, to other experiences. The land of dreams still exists in the bottom of a HOUSE music lover if you come across Lady B sounds…UNIQUE!

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01. Half Az Much 7:50
02. Butterfly In Disguise 7:28
03. Electrikal Ball 7:07
04. Take Me Away 7:40
05. Who Gets Your Love 6:20
06. Equality 6:02
07. Gettin Happy (feat Bailey Jemille) 5:34
08. Black Power 7:14
09. Out Of My Life 6:32
10. Tried To Say No 6:54
11. Get Free 7:52
12. Get Rid Of This Man 7:39
13. I’m Tryin Ta Party 6:27
14. Pursuit Of Trackiness 6:46
15. New Tears 7:26
16. Unknown Path 8:32
17. represented as You Real? 8:26
18. Feel Nothing 9:12
19. Love Away 7:24
Release Name: Lady_Blacktronika–Pieces_Of_My_Puzzle-(LAR029)-WEB-2012-dh
Size: 317.62 Mb
Artist: Lady Blacktronika
Album: Pieces Of My Puzzle
Genre: HOUSE
Label: Little Angel
Runtime: 138:25min

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