LC iPad Music Production: GarageBand-PLATO [ISO]

LC iPad Music Production: GarageBand-PLATO [ISO]

LC iPad Music Production: GarageBand

iPad Music Production: GarageBand-PLATO [ISO] | 2.3 GB

In this learning lessons, author and musician Garrick Chow reviews GarageBand for the Apple iPad—an inexpensive yet powerful app that allows you to record and edit music with both real and virtual instruments. The learning lessons begins with a tour around the interface, examining the instrument and track views. Garrick demonstrates how to play both touch instruments and Smart Instruments, as well as how to connect and use real instruments and microphones. Garrick then explains how to build, record, and edit a song from scratch, and how to then export and share your music with iTunes, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, email, and with other devices.

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Author: Garrick Chow | Duration: 2h 40m | 2.32 GB

Topics include:

Selecting instruments
Setting up a song
Playing touch keyboards and drums
Playing Smart Instruments
Using real guitar amps
Working with loops
Recording instrument tracks
Editing MIDI tracks
Importing audio files
Exporting great pieces of music to multiple locations

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