LP SaxLab 2.1.3 Mac OSX

 LP SaxLab 2.1.3 Mac OSX

 LP SaxLab 2.1.3 Mac OSX

 LP SaxLab 2.1.3 | 543 MB

Xdb | August  2012 | 543 MB

SaxLab 2 Saxophone Synthesizer is the result of many years of investigation and programming. It uses not one technology but a very carefully balanced mixture of various techniques to obtain the most realistic sax sound you can get from a virtual instrument. Authenticity, Expression and Variation is a must to obtain believable sax sounds.

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Key featuring chronicle this include an easy-to-use interface, a wide range of high-quality soundsets for bass, baritone, tenor, alto and soprano saxophone. An effects section that includes a specialized chorus and reverb, as well as extensive real-time modulation options.

Special attention has been paid to making the performance controls as rich and responsive as possible, so that the instrument can be realistically played.

Inspirational SoundSets combined with an easy-to-use interface make the LP SaxLab the ideal virtual instrument for musicians wanting to emulate real saxophones.

The main featuring chronicle this of SaxLab 2 represented as:
High-Quality Soundsets for bass, baritone, tenor, alto and soprano saxophone.
Monophonic with “real sax” behaviour.
Adjustable mix of the “Air” layer, the “Keys” layer and the main tonal layer.
User-definable, velocity-sensitive amplitude envelope.
Tonal characteristics of the instrument’s overall sound represented as user definable.
Real-time control of amplitude, brightness and the “roaring” of the sound.
Three modes of mono performance: Legato, Retrigger and Alternate.
Separate control of Up/Down PitchBend and Scoop.
Adjustable pitch, air and body frequency deviation per note.
Envelope, LFO and MIDI-controlled vibrato and tremolo.
Specialized Stereo Chorus and Stereo Reverb effects.
Full Micro Tuning capability (loads TUN files).
MIDI Learn available for every control.
Sample accurate timing, full automation and settings represented as saved with the song.


Improved stability and a few cosmetic fixes


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