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Sibelius 7 Essential Training DVD

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Description: Sibelius 7 is the complete software for writing, playing, printing, and publishing music notation, and can be used by every kind of musician, from students and teachers to professional composers. In Sibelius 7 Essential Training, author Jenny Amaya shows how to create professional-looking scores, beginning with the basics of note entry and playback. The learning lessons explains how to interface with a MIDI keyboard; edit note durations and pitches; and incorporate lyrics, tempo markings, and other text elements. featuring chronicle this specific to version 7, such as 64-bit support, improved sound library, and text and typography enhancements represented as also covered in detail.

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Topics include:

  • Working with Magnetic Layout
  • Setting essential preferences
  • Controlling basic score playback
  • Ensuring good score readability and organization
  • Adding time signatures and key signatures
  • Entering notes, rests, accidentals, and chords
  • Inputting notation with a MIDI keyboard
  • Creating and extending slurs and phrase marks
  • Engraving and formatting
  • Saving time with quick key shortcuts
  • Printing and exporting a completed project
  • Sharing scores via the Scorch plug-in

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