MakeMusic Finale 2012b R1 Update Only

MakeMusic Finale 2012b R1 Update Only

MakeMusic Finale 2012b R1 Update

Finale 2012b R1 Update Only | 131 MB

REDT | 7.2012 | 131 MB
Sound quality makes a difference.
With Finale you get a selection of world-class instrument sounds from Garritan’s Personal Orchestra, Jazz & Big Band, Concert & Marching Band, and World Instruments libraries. Finale also includes sounds from Tapspace Virtual Drumline.

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Human Playback®
What’s more, whether you enter your notes with a MIDI keyboard or a mouse, Finale’s best selected Human Playback ensures that your music plays back with all the feeling, phrasing, and nuance of a live performance.

New featuring chronicle this in Finale 2012b

-Range Checking. Finale now alerts you when notes represented as outside of an instrument’s range.

-Automatic Transposition while Copying. Music is now pasted into the most appropriate octave when copied between instruments of different registers. Also, music is transposed into the most appropriate register when changing instruments with the ScoreManager.

-Accessible Text Inserts. You no longer need to venture into a dialog box to edit text inserts. You can now edit them directly in the score like a regular text box. When you do so, the text insert’s definition is updatedrespectively.

-SVG Graphic Export. You can now export Scaled Vector Graphics from Finale.

-EPUB Export. You can now export EPUB files from Finale for viewing on mobile readers.

-New Finale Lyrics Font. This font improves lyric spacing, and is the new default for scores created with the Document Setup Wizard.

-Automatic Font Annotation. Finale can now automatically generate Font Annotation Files to accommodate files with 3rd-party music fonts.

-Auto-recovery. Unsaved data is now recovered after a hang or system failure.

-New Aria Player. Finale includes the latest Aria Player from Garritan.

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