Markus Schulz – A State of Sunday SAT-08-26-2012-TALiON

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 Markus Schulz – A State of Sunday SAT-08-26-2012

A State of Sunday SAT-08-26-2012-TALiON | 179 MB

Release Name: Markus_Schulz_-_A_State_of_Sunday-SAT-08-26-2012-TALiON
Size: 179.08 MB
Album: A State of Sunday-SAT-08-26
Artist: Markus Schulz
Genre: Trance
Runtime: 120:05Min

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Markus Schulz is a German PROGRESSIVE trance producer renowned for his unique style of dark, brooding yet melodic productions and DJ sets. He is head of his own label Coldharbour Recordings in co-operation with Armada and he is infamous for surprising his fans with his own edits and reconstructions of well-known great pieces of music. He is currently living in Miami, Florida. Markus Schulz is a man on a mission. He dreams of meeting the world. This dream just might be possible. Currently number 8 on the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ’s Poll and 5th on the TranceAddict.
01.  A State of Sunday-SAT-08-26-2012

 Markus Schulz – A State of Sunday SAT-08-26-2012-TALiON—A-State-of-Sunday-SAT-08-26-2012-TALiON-.html

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