MassiveSynth – Fundamental Sounds of Dubstep Bass TUTORiAL

MassiveSynth - Fundamental Sounds of <a href='' /> <a href=DUBSTEP Bass TUTORIAL ” border=”0″ src=”” title=”MassiveSynth – Fundamental Sounds of DUBSTEP Bass TUTORIAL “>

 Fundamental Sounds of DUBSTEP Bass

MassiveSynth – TUTORIAL | 256 MB

SYNTHiC4TE | April 3 2012 | 256 MB

Learn The Building Blocks of Great Bass
The heart and soul of DUBSTEP is skeleton-shaking bass. Massive is able to create new and innovative basslines limited only by your imagination. One listen to tracks like Flux Pavilion’s “Bass Cannon” or Datsik’s “Swagga” tells you everything you need to know about the range and power of NI Massive.

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The trick is to know how to unleash that power. Our brand spankin’ new video learning lessons, “Fundamental Sounds of DUBSTEP : DUBSTEP Bass” is designed to do just that. Over an hour of solid instruction from Leisure-B and Thor Limited take you on a journey deep into the heart of Massive, and bring you back with new skills and insights.

This innovative 6-part learning lessons creates a completely original DUBSTEP arrangement from scratch using Massive to build all the bass and lead sounds.

Why not just adapt presets already in Massive? The problem with presets is that trying to deconstruct an existing preset is extremely difficult due to the high amount of routing and modulation.

The best way to learn Massive is by gaining the skills to create sounds from scratch. Leisure-B shows you exactly which oscillator, routing and effect settings to use to make unique sounds that sit perfectly in the mix.

Will you become the next DUBSTEP star? Everything is possible. But our goal is more modest. We want to give you the building blocks on which you can continue to experiment, both with Massive and your entire arsenal of digital music production

Download MassiveSynth – Fundamental Sounds of DUBSTEP Bass TUTORIAL

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