MG Samplitude Pro X Suite [UPDATE: v12.1.1.129]

MG Samplitude Pro X Suite [UPDATE: v12.1.1.129]

MG Samplitude Pro X Suite

 Suite [UPDATE: v12.1.1.129] | 165 MB

by the way: both PTCHers works (for usual) also for the latest Samplitude Pro X Version (Without the “SUITE”) if needed, just Download the Trial Version on MG, after this get the latest “Pro X v12.1.1.129 update” from the MG Service Center. Finally use the Crack(s) inside this Package! (or maybe wait for a friendly member like “lysergyk” on audioz who release the whole “X-Only” version in one package)

Vote, and then, in comments leave a review, if you want or you can spend a few minutes ... .. go to expression ... get more data and information, releases, in the following reference links

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Crash Audio Quantization -fixed
RF64 meta data was not written -fixed
Timestamps of 16-bit and 32-bit files were sometimes not read at loading of WV or moving of objects to
original timestamp -fixed
Spectral Editing in tracks used a wrong preset -fixed
Visualization: Spectroscope with logarithmic drawing and check box in setup dialog
Improvements for visually impaired users: Setup_VisuallyImpaired.INZ: Manager windows enlarged and
Skin Camo/Carbon: Track Editor: Record Device could not be read for active track if this track was in record
ready -fixed

– install the update
– apply the PTCH of your choise (3264bit) in your samplitude MAIN-DIR (Win7 -> apply as admin)

If you use Samplitude for the first time and need the full instead of this update only, just download the trial version of “Samplitude Pro X Suite” on:

after this make the both Install-Steps from above.

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