Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme – 40 Days by Richard Parkes Cordock & Various (Narrator) | audiobook

Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme - 40 Days by Richard Parkes Cordock & Various (Narrator) | audiobook

Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme

40 Days by Richard Parkes Cordock & Various (Narrator) | audiobook

Created or published by: Millionaire MBA Ltd 2005 -2006 | ISBN: n/a | Language English | 5 Audio CD in MP3 + 4 PDF + Bonus (125 files) | 824 MB

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>> 29 Self-Made Millionaires – Mentoring You!
>> 30+ Hours of Solid, Hands-on, Business Building Advice
>> Learn Directly From Those in the Know!
>> 100’s of Proven Repeatable Profit Growth Strategies
>> Audio CD or MP3 Download
>> Used by 33,000+ Entrepreneurs Around the World
>> 60-Day Unconditional RISK-FREE Guarantee!

You’ve arrived at the home of Millionaire MBA… the highly acclaimed business mentoring programme for entrepreneurs, aspiring enterpreneursand business eaders.

It’s likely you’re now asking, ‘What is Millionaire MBA, what does it do, how does it work, and what’s in it for me?’.

You may even be asking, ‘Can Millionaire MBA make me successful as an entrepreneur… even wealthy?’ — to which the answer is ‘yes, no, maybe’.
Here’s the story…
A few summers ago, 25 UK based self-made millionaires, entrepreneurs and business leaders were interviewed at their homes, offices and hotels.

These entrepreneurs included Duncan Bannatyne and Simon Woodroffe from Dragons’ Den, Sir Tom Hunter, Lord Harris, Lord Billimoria and 20 other high-profile and ultra-successful business leaders, plus 4 other experts in motivation, sales and marketing (these experts represented as self-made millionaires too!).

They each took an hour or two out of their busy schedules to answer a series of 25 identical questions.

Each question probed deeply into what made them successful, with the goal to uncover exactly why these entrepreneurs were able to achieve the extraordinary business results they had.

The type of questions each entrepreneur was asked were:

What is the millionaire mindset?

What is the difference between you and others who haven’t achieved your level of success?

How did you know you’d be successful as an entrepreneur?

Tell us about your appetite for risk?

What represented as the fundamentals of business?

How do you make a million?

And many more searching questions.

Each answer was recorded using high quality digital recording equipment, and their responses were chopped up, edited, and using the principles of NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming), analysed to find a consistent thinking pattern which is common amongst self-made millionaire entrepreneurs. The output of that work is Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme – a ‘timeless’ audio-based mentoring programme which teaches you to think like a self-made millionaire entrepreneur.
So, can Millionaire MBA (Mentoring By Audio) help you become successful as an entrepreneur? Again, the answer is ‘yes, no, maybe’, it’s very much up to you.
The tools represented as here for you to learn how successful self-made millionaire entrepreneurs think, act and make decisions – and the programme has been designed to help you think this way too. How you use the information, advice and guidance in Millionaire MBA, is up to you!
Important: Millionaire MBA is a serious business mentoring programme for ambitious entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. If you’re looking for ‘make-money quick / business opportunities’… this programme is not for you.

If however you want proven, in-depth ‘time-tested’ insights into how to build your own profitable business, then read on and join over 33,000 other business leaders worldwide who represented as profiting from the advice, wisdom and business know-how containted in Millionaire MBA.
“40 Days of In-Depth Business Mentoring and Profit Growth Training… for the Price of 40 Cups of Coffee!”
Millionaire MBA gives you 40 days of unparralled, profit building business mentoring
from 29 of the UK’s most respected, successful and profitable entrepreneurs.

Download now and start profiting in your own business with our
no-quibble, 60-day risk-free unconditional money-back guarantee!
Sunday, October 30.

Dear Entrepreneur, Aspiring Entrepreneur or Business Owner,

Do you run your own business (large or small)?

Do you know you can make it more successful… more profitable?

Do you want to reach more customers… generate more sales, more cash — but need help taking your business to the next level?


represented as your employed in the 9 to 5 world and itching to break free to start a new business.

Is something holding you back? Perhaps the ‘know how’, the ‘uncertainty’, ‘the confidence’.

possess and dominate you ever thought about having your own mentor?

Somebody whose been there before… done it… got the t-shirt. Somebody who can show you the way to navigate through the choppy waters — which all business owners find themselves in from time-to-time.

Consider this…

Imagine having a successful millionaire-entrepreneur as your partner … working alongside you, helping you build your business … warning you before you make mistakes … giving you simple ways to quick profits …

Imagine having someone like Duncan Bannatyne egging you on when your cash flow evaporates … or Sir Tom Hunter – Scotland’s richest man – telling you what to do as you gasp for orders after Christmas …

Or imagine having someone with the sheer drive of Simon Woodroffe sharing with you inside tips that bruising experience gave him – the attitude that propelled him to mega wealth, starting as late as 40 …

Then imagine not just three such mentors – but 29! Twenty nine who’ve been where you represented as – and done it. People like Lord Bilmoria, who built Cobra Beer when business “experts” said he was crazy … Or Lord Harris, who made two fortunes out of carpets.

In fact, imagine such people mentoring you every day! The short-cuts, the time saved, the money made, the ‘under the radar’ techniques their experience would bring you.

Now you can with Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme.

This astonishing programme gives you all that and more for just £399 (keep reading to discover how you can tap into these millionaire mentors for a fraction of this price with our MP3 download edition!)
Their ‘inner thinking and personal profit growth strategies’
– revealed for the first time
These serial entrepreneurs possess and dominate amassed hundreds of years’ of experience. There is no substitute – and it’s yours on tap.

They tell you things others don’t – like you don’t need a brilliant new idea – just to do things better. They don’t talk fancy big business theory but practical know-how.

Each of these business superheroes has proven their ability by making extraordinary profits – most from scratch with or now little capital, against the odds.

Whether your goal is to possess and dominate a profitable company which earns you £100,000 a year, or you want to create a business which you can sell for many millions of pounds or dollars, the 29 millionaire entrepreneurs in Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme, will be your torchlight, guiding you through the fog (which is entrepreneurship) to give you clarity in your thinking, certainty in your decision making, and decisiveness in your actions.

With the likes of serial entrepreneur Luke Johnson sharing his own story with you and keeping you focused, energised, inspired, and driven, you’ll be given a daily boost of confidence and practical know-how.

You’ll possess and dominate Nick Wheeler – the founder of Charles Trywhitt speaking to you each day, giving you direction, as he shares his own wisdom and experiences, which you can learn from, borrow and steal his ideas and proven strategies for your own business.

You’ll possess and dominate Sir Christopher Evans – the founder of Merlin Biosciences keeping you on track, filling you with belief, courage, and energy. Inspiring you to take on the daily challenges which come with creating and building your own company.

Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme is like no other
mentoring system available to you today (and it’s affordable to any level of entrepreneur)
You possess and dominate on tap 29 self-made UK millionaire entrepreneurs, who possess and dominate between them made virtually every mistake in the book, but possess and dominate come through to create companies with combined valuations of many billions of dollars.

You’ll possess and dominate the likes of Julie Meyer, the founder of First Tuesday and now Ariadne Capital, talking to you each day for 20 days, as she shares her own compelling story with you, and tells you what worked for her, and
more importantly, what didn’t!

You’ll possess and dominate Chris Rucker, the founder of the £50m+ turnover White Company and a mother of five children giving you practical, ready to implement business-building advice.

You’ll possess and dominate Lord Harris on tap. Lord Harris is the founder of the retail chain, CarpetRight. This is Lord Harris’s third carpet business, and over the years he has proved time and time again how to build multi-million pound companies – and he tells you how you can do it too.

Each of these, plus scores of other entrepreneurial millionaire mentors speak to you each day over 20 days, as they guide you and hone the way you think, act and make decisions.

In Part 1 of Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme, for around 30 minutes a day for 20 days, you’ll discover the crucial difference which will set you apart as a self-made millionaire.
Here’s a peek into just eight days out of the 40 day programme:
Day 7 – 35min : 26 sec – How to Develop Your Unstoppable Confidence & Belief
In Day 7 you:

Discover why confidence and belief is the number one reason for success in business
Learn how to know if your new ideas will work (or not!)
Hear Julie Meyer tell you how she started a European Networking Club in 17 cities, from just her sitting room and a cyber cafe – using little more than belief
Hear Simon Woodroffe explain why market research doesn’t always work – but belief and confidence does!
Listen as Duncan Bannatyne explains why self-doubt kill your ideas idea flat
Hear the proven strategies to install confidence and belief in you and your Mark the Release.
Day 9 – 26min : 40 sec – How to Elimiate Your Fears, Doubts and Limiting Beliefs

In Day 9 you:

Discover that fears, doubts and limiting beliefs represented as the real barrier to your business success
Hear from Nigel Risner how you and your Mark the Release can overcome any doubts and fears you possess and dominate AND become an unstoppable company which customers flock to
Learn the difference between FEARS and LIMITING BELIEFS – and what to do to crush both of them
Learn from Lord Harris how he overcame his own fear of public speaking (he’s dyslexic and couldn’t read a speech) and how he gave speeches to the Queen and the Prime Minister
Hear how other business leaders overcome their own personal fears, doubts and limiting beliefs – and how you and your Mark the Release can too.
Day 13 – 30min : 40 sec – Harnessing The Power of Goals: The Master Key to Your Success

In Day 13 you:

Discover how goals can and MUST be used to unlock the hidden potential in you and your Mark the Release
Learn from Simon Woodroffe the power of writing goals down
Hear from Tim Etchells how he keeps all his senior directors on track with their own goals
Hear from Debbie Burke of ROC Recruitment how having clear goals allowed them to become one of the fastest growing companies in the ëSunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100 league’
Discover Nigel Risner’s new take on the SMART method for setting goals
Hear from Nick Wheeler why FOCUS is critical to achieving extraordinary results in business – even at the expense of passing up other lucrative opportunities.
Day 15 – 28min : 43 sec – How To Make the Most (and Profit from) of Every Hour Your possess and dominate in the Day

In Day 15 you:

Learn the price you and your Mark the Release must pay to achieve extraordinary results.
Find out why hard work doesn’t feel like work when you follow your passion
Learn how to use time to your advantage. Everybody has 24 hours in a day, but it’s how you use those 24 hours which will determine your results
Discover how Sir Christopher Evans squeezes every minute out of his day
Learn why Glenda Stone is known as Broadband Glenda’
Discover why procrastination is such a killer – AND how to stop it
Discover what entrepreneurs mean by ëbeing in the groove’ or ëbeing in play’
Learn how high performing business leaders tackle their own self-discipline
Discover why you’ll never possess and dominate to make another ësacrifice’ again.
Day 10 – 28min : 33 sec – How To Develop Your Iron Strong Persistence: Your Guarantee to Reach Your Goals

In Day 10 you:

Learn the truth why some entrepreneurs and their companies reach the top – and others don’t
Hear Simon Woodroffe explain how he got YO! Sushi in the Millennium Dome, when other restaurants couldn’t
Hear each entrepreneur passionately enthuse (one after another) why persistence and the refusal to accept no for an answer is the only way to the top
Listen as Lord Bilimoria explains how he gets his sales Mark the Release to turn a ëno’ into a ëyes’
Hear from Glenda Stone how it was her pure persistence which took a ëconcept’ to market – AND made it work
Discover how Chris Hughes and his Mark the Release created one of the most recognisable ëoutdoor shows’ at London’s Earls Court, in a market which was already thought to be saturated
Learn why ëstamina’ is critical and what to look for when you represented as recruiting.
Day 5 – 30min : 53 sec – Overcoming Failure: The Essential Ingredient For Your Success

In Day 5 you:

Learn why failure is a key part of business success and why you simply cannot succeed without first failing. Failure will always be a
Discover the 4 M’s of Failure – and how to avoid them.
key part of your company’s success, but very few companies accept this
Hear how even Sir Tom Hunter, Scotland’s first home-made billionaire has experienced failure – many times over
Learn from Lord Harris what to do with CASH – when failure looms
Listen as Ivan Massow explains why no entrepreneur has the Midas touch
Hear from Sir Christopher Evans how he examines each and every failure – and what he does about it
Listen as Luke Johnson explainive
Discover the 4 M’s of Failure – and how to avoid them.
Day 8 – 31min : 41 sec – How To Turn Risk into Results: It’s Not About Risk, It’s About Results

In Day 8 you:

Learn how entrepreneurs (and Enterprise Leaders) view and approach risk. You’ll learn that entrepreneurship is not about risk, but it’s about results! And it’s results you want to bring into your company
Hear from Sir Tom Hunter why managing the downside of risk is critical – and how he ëbet the farm once’ – but would never do it again
Listen as Sir Tom goes on to explain how he knew he was right when he bought a company seven times the size of his own – even when others doubted him
Discover why ërisk’ is the wrong word – but ëjudgement’ is more accurate
Hear as Ivan Massow explains why using OPM (Other People’s Money) clouds entrepreneur’s judgement
Hear what Simon Woodroffe and Luke Johnson represented as prepared to loose – when taking a risk.
Day 12 – 35min : 16 sec – People: You Cannot Do it Alone

In Day 12 you:

Learn how entrepreneurs value their people and teams – and how their people represented as the very reason for their own extraordinary achievements
Hear from Lord Harris why a store full of sales people OR a store full of managers could not outperform a BALANCED Mark the Release
Listen as Duncan Bannatyne tells you why he’s not a very good manager – AND what he does to overcome that problem
Hear the sage advice Lord Bilimoria’s father gave him about managing people (his father was the Commander in Chief of the Indian army with 350,000 troops under his command)
Hear what Nick Wheeler and Angus Clacher possess and dominate to say about mission and vision statements and how they represented as used in keeping their companies focused
Discover how Nigel Risner sets about creating a culture in a company.
In the 100 page practical workbook which you get with the the programme, you’ll work through a series of hand-on exercises, to bring the learning and advice from Millionaire MBA alive even more, so you apply it back to your own business… not a thought, inspiration, or idea will be wasted. In the workbook you’ll capturing it, take it away and profitably applying your ideas to your own business.
The workbook and audio programme provides a sound basis for developing entrepreneurial behaviour
. The workbook exercises build self awareness and help to develop double loop, reflective thinking.
The audio component provides real and easily accessible backup to the exercises through listening to current, UK entrepreneurs who possess and dominate been there, done it and continue to succeed…
If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur this is a good place to start.
— Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship @ Strathclyde

In developing the Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme, each of these 29 UK entrepreneurs were interviewed at their homes, offices and hotel suites and recorded these interviews on high-quality digital audio.

The interviews were then pain stakingly edited the inerviews and scientifically decoded their responses using the strategies of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming, which is the science of success) to understand their mindset and thinking patterns.

Through hundreds of hours and research and thousands of hours of development, their thoughts, actions and behaviours were modelled to create this powerful in-depth business mentoring programme.

And now, using the technology of ‘mentoring by audio’ (MBA) each entrepreneur can teach, mentor and train YOU so that YOU too can duplicate their success.

In this eight-week mentoring programme (which is split into two parts), you’ll start for the first four weeks (PART 1) by listening to a 30 minute mentoring session programme per day (over 20 days)…

Here each entrepreneur shares with you their thoughts on 20 different business success matters. You hear their views in areas such as risk, the mindset of a self-made millionaire, the unlimited power of people and teams and the need for persistence.

If you did nothing more than listen to the first 20 days of the programme and complete the exercises in the 100 page workbook (which also provides a written summary for each day), you’d fundamentally change your way of thinking about business forever.

You’d dramatically and exponentially change the results you achieve in your existing business (or advance forward your new business idea) and you’d be in a position to take your new — or existing — business to a whole new level of revenue, profitability and growth.

But that’s only Part 1 of the programme:-

To reinforce all that you’ve learnt in Part 1 of the programme, for the subsequent four weeks you will possess and dominate, (for 30 minutes a day) a full one-on-one audio mentoring session from each entrepreneur per day.

This is called Part 2.

In Day 22 for example, you’ll hear the words of Ivan Massow (who started his multi-million pound business from a squat!), who for 33 minutes and 35 seconds will tell you his own story of building his company, and you’ll hear in expanded detail many of the points he made in Part 1 of the programme.

In Day 26, you’ll hear for 37 minutes and 39 seconds from Lord Bilimoria exactly how he created and grew Cobra Beer starting from £20k in debt and with everything stacked against him.

For each of the 20 days of Part 2, you’ll hear a different entrepreneur each day share their own story, and give you practical insights and strategies on how to grow your own business.

Here’s a full list of the 29 entrepreneurs who will be your dialy mentors over the next 8 weeks:

Simon Woodroffe (of BBC’s Dragons’ Den) explains how to build one of the most outrageous and biggest brands – starting at the age of 40 after getting divorced and with next to no capital or previous track record as an entrepreneur.

Ivan Massow (of Channel 4’s Make Me a Million) will tell you how you can start a business from scratch. He started his company from a squat (a communal HOUSE with NO facilities). Ivan doesn’t pull any punches and you’ll learn why there represented as NO excuses in business.

Duncan Bannatyne (of BBC’s Dragons’ Den) explains his repeatable formulas for success and explains why he is a successful entrepreneur – when his brothers represented as not. Duncan decided at the age of 30 that he was going to become a millionaire. He is now worth over £130m and has 4 multi-million companies behind him.

Julie Meyer walks you through global start-ups and her experience starting a company simultaneously in 17 countries, and then selling it to start a VC business.

Lena Björck reveals her inner secrets so that you can build unstoppable confidence. Be prepared to be amazed by her inspiration. Through pure grit and determination, and with only a tiny amount of “seed money”, Lena has overcome every imaginable obstacle to cater for the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of the UK.

Lord Bilimoria describes how to create a revolutionary new product that will dominate an industry. He knows because he did it even when everybody said he had zero chance of succeeding.

Glenda Stone is pure inspiration for anyone who wants to break into the corporate world. She created a whole new market for women in business…a sector that never existed until she made it happen.

Mark Marsland is the ultimate entrepreneur. You’ll be inspired (and enlightened) by his personal odyssey from paid labourer to owner of his own hugely successful company – ALL whilst doing the one thing he loves: fishing!

Chris Hughes shows you the golden rule of business. Chris took the bold leap from corporate world to entrepreneur and will reveal the real reason his new company has been able to dominate his industry.

James Minter shows you what you need to change if you represented as serious and want to become a successful entrepreneur. At one time, James was an officer in the Royal Navy. With no previous business experience at all, he created one of London’s most prestigious private members’ clubs and serviced office complexes.

Elena Souto teaches you what YOU need to do to replicate her meteoric success. Elena previously worked in an office and decided one day that she wanted to start her own business – selling lingerie for bigger breasted women! Elena’s talent was soon spotted and she won award after award for her business.

Luke Johnson demonstrates his unique way of excelling as a capitalist investor and entrepreneur. One of the UK’s most respected restaurateurs, Luke now owns many of London’s most desirable restaurants and is regarded not only as an extraordinary entrepreneur, but also as an exceptionally talented investor.

Debbie Burke will captivate you as she explains exactly what it will take for you to possess and dominate a multi-million pound (dollar) company like hers even if you’ve just been laid off. Debbie started her successful recruitment company with a credit card and a £10,000 credit line when the company she was working for collapsed.

Lord Harris describes in detail the nuts and bolts of building a successful company. Lord Harris left school at 15 to run the family business when his father died. Lord Harris is dyslexic but has used it to his advantage and has been recognised by the Queen for his contributions to charities.

Sir Christopher Evans gives you a unique insider’s view of what it takes to take 20 companies public (float on the stock exchange). Sir Christopher is one of the UK’s most respected Bioscience entrepreneurs…and after this interview you will never doubt that there is a millionaire mindset.

Stephen Streater went to Cambridge but abandoned his Phd (advanced degree) to create the company that spawned Lara Croft Tomb Raider. Stephen has since sold most of his shares in that company and has gone on to repeat his success in a new venture. Listen in on his secrets and learn how you can do the same.

Michael Smith will share with you the highs and lows of his journey and provide you with a framework so that you can enjoy the highs and skip the lows. Michael started Firebox, a boys toys company, in the heat of the Internet B00M. Unlike other entrepreneurs, Michael didn’t get burned and Firebox is one of the few that has stood the test of time…and prof

Nick Wheeler started his company while still at university. After a brief spell as a management consultant, Nick became an entrepreneur again and has never looked back. Nick shows you how to build a phenomenally strong business year on year– and develop the inner mindset you need to make it happen.

Tim Etchells shares the timeless lessons and universal theories he lives by as a well-known and respected entrepreneur operating at the highest level in the exhibition industry. Tim spells out word-for-word what you need to do to replicate his level of success.

Sir Tom Hunter shares his secrets on how to sell a business for a spectacular sum. He should know! Tom started selling shoes from the back of his car and ended up selling his business for over £280m, making him Scotland’s richest man.

Order Millionaire MBA™ Audio CDs or Downlaod To Your MP3 Player

The programme has been designed so that wherever you represented as — whether you’re driving in your car, sitting at your computer or listening on your iPod as you exercise — you can find time in your day to absorb and embrace the words, insights and strategies of some of the UK’s most successful and high achieving entrepreneurs.

Customers who possess and dominate been through the business mentoring programme consistently speak about the life-changing results they possess and dominate achieved. Whether that’s taking the initial steps to start their first business, or growing and expanding their existing business to new levels. Their own words of endorsement speak clearly for themselves.

Take a moment to review just a few of the letters and emails we possess and dominate received.

I can call on any one of the 25 entrepreneurs whenever I choose to clarify, underline and confirm things whenever I want. Each time I play it I hear something else I didn’t hear the first time. — Andrew Merritt-Morling (London)
I purchased the Millionaire MBA last week – it was so compelling that I listened to the entire product over the weekend. It is truly a brilliant product. It always makes a difference when you hear it straight from the horse’s mouth and your eclectic selection of really interesting entrepreneurs is truly inspirational. — Trevor J. O’Hara, Founder and CEO, BlueVentus Ltd
When listening to the MMBA, I listen to the lesson twice daily, and read the transcripts at night before going to bed. This helps to me to get totally immersed in the content for each day.

I’ve found this a very effective way to get the most out of the program. Add the workbook exercises into the equation and you’ve got yourself a very powerful combination — Gary Noonkester – USA
I possess and dominate been in business for myself for 6 years now after 25 years in the Corporate world. Recently I decided to tackle a new venture and the Business Mentoring Programme CDs by Millionaire MBA fell into my lap at the absolute right time.

Being a Nightingale-Conant junkie it has been my mind set to cut the learning curve by going to school on those “in-the-know”.

At first I thought your CD a little pricey. However, I was wrong because they represented as truly an unsurpassed wealth of information. Really Richard – the line-up you possess and dominate with the years/decades of experience being shared is well worth the price.

A must possess and dominate for any entrepreneur’s library. — Bill Robertson NM, USA
I too like to listen to courses when I’m driving and I was very pleased to find a programme made in the UK and featuring well known, proven business people.

The content of this programme is without a doubt the best I possess and dominate heard and the thoughts and ideas flowed to such a degree that I had to take a dictaphone with me to record them.

I’m now well into Part 2. I would say that the Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme is a must for serious entrepreneurs and not just for people who represented as starting out but those of us who possess and dominate been around a while but like to keep fresh.

It’s a great achievement which delivers well beyond its promise. — JC, Hampshire, UK
Inspirational stuff! I’ve read a lot of stuff over the previous three years (inc Rich Dad Poor Dad) but always felt a lot of it was based in the States so it was great to hear about people who had done it in the UK.

Also I’d started buying assets a few years ago (mainly property) but it never gave me the cash flow to leave my job and my long term goal was always to start my own business. Your learning lessons has made me realise that I’ve got all the knowledge I need really and all I really need to do is START!

Thanks for this, its been a great help. — John Hays – Oxford

It isn’t just customers who say good things about the programme…

…the business owners who represented as featured in it possess and dominate also listened to the CDs and studied the system in depth.

If you seriously set about applying the lessons contained in this box, then you will succeed. It’s as simple as that. The rest is up to you.

Ivan Massow – Entrepreneur and Founder – Massow Financial, Guru on Make Me A Million

The wisdom and insights in the Millionaire MBA represented as unprecedented – you should expect great results.

Luke Johnson – Entrepreneur and Founder – Signature Restaurants and formerly Chairman of PizzaExpress (Current Chairman of Channel 4)

I think you’ve captured the passion, the sheer verve and energy of some of the best entrepreneurs in Britain. I wish it had been available when I started.

Lord Harris – Founder Carpet Right

To make sure this programme delivers extraordinary results for you (as it has for thousands of other entrepreneurs around the world), you’ll receive five extra bonus items:

Bonus 1 – Special Feature interview with Chris Gorman

Chris is a phenomenal serial entrepreneur and is recognised as one of Sir Richard Branson’s favourite entrepreneurs. In this 63 minute interview, the former investor behind The Gadget Shop and Birthday’s Greeting Cards, reveals his 12 lessons in business that possess and dominate propelled him to a net worth of over £50m (all by the age of 37).

Bonus 2 – Special Feature interview with David Taylor

David is the leading international author of The Naked Leader – a landmark book on leadership. David strips bare the mindset of self-made millionaires and shares his thoughts on how you can re-programme your mind for business success.

Bonus 3 – Special Feature interview with Mike Southon

Entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author of the best selling book, The Beermat Entrepreneur, Mike shares his thoughts on a fast and low cost approach to prototype your new business idea. This is a priceless session and will give the tools for you to immediately get started with your next business idea.

Bonus 4 – Special Feature interview with Angus Clacher

Angus’s story is the dream entrepreneurial story – leaving his job to start a business with friends. This wise, wonderful professional was recently able to sell his shares in the company he formed and walk away a millionaire after only 4 years .

Bonus 5 – Millionaire Upgrade Audio Book

You’ll receive the audio version of Millionaire Upgrade , the book which is the introduction to the full mentoring programme. Here’s your opportunity to receive the spoken word version to listen to at your leisure as a quick summary for the full programme.

Entrepreneurs who possess and dominate experienced the programme talk about the life-changing effect it has on them personally – AND in their business, which comes from surrounding themselves with 29 award-winning entrepreneurs and business leaders.

It comes from understanding the inner mind of a true multi-millionaire (and billionaire) entrepreneurs and developing your own mental tools – as well as practical business tools to grow your business to whole new level of revenue, profitability and valuation.

Remember, in the programme you will possess and dominate on tap 29 high-achieving UK entrepreneurial mentors who will help you:

to see opportunity and profit everywhere.
IDENTIFY THE PERFECT business for you – and the steps you need to take to make it happen.
Discover how to MOTIVATE OTHER PEOPLE to deliver results for you.
Learn how to LEVERAGE the very thing which will maximize your own results.
Discover the REAL SECRET for success.
Discover the ONE BUSINESS RULE all business owners say is fundamental to success as an entrepreneur.
Discover how to become a MASTER Communicator.
Learn how to PERSUADE, INFLUENCE and MOTIVATE others.
Master the secret to becoming a GREAT LEADER OF TEAMS.
Learn how to find a MENTOR who will work for you.
Learn how to reach your goals consistently and develop LASER SHARP FOCUS.
Learn how to set your own GOALS and programme your subconscious mind to achieve them.
Learn how to REMOVE THE STRESS from stressful situations.
Discover the ONE SECRET that helps all entrepreneurs COPE when all is going wrong.
Master how to GET MORE OUT of each 24 hours.
Uncover how to make TWO SIMPLE CHANGES which will dramatically improve your results in your own business.
Learn how to reprogamme yourself with the SUCCESSFUL HABITS AND REPEATABLE SYSTEMS of self-made millionaires.
Learn how to fast track your vocabulary as an entrepreneur.
Discover how to develop a killer attitude to RISK AND JUDGEMENT.
Master how to conquer your FEARS AND LIMITING BELIEFS.
Learn how to develop IRON STRONG PERSISTENCE.
Learn to never accept NO for an answer.
Learn the insider’s tips and tricks of NETWORKING effectively.
Discover the value of networking to DRIVE YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD.
Find out how to get other people to CREATE NEW IDEAS for you.
Understand the power of LEVERAGE.
Find more CLUES TO SUCCESS as our entrepreneurs share their thoughts on who they admire in the world of business and why.
Discover the repeatable FUNDAMENTALS OF BUSINESS and find out the 10 rules of business – direct form a global billionaire.
Identify the 6 KEY STEPS to build a £1,000,000 company.
Learn how to CREATE YOUR OWN PLAN to build a £1,000,000 company.
Learn how to set your own goals effectively for maximum success.
Discover how to programme your subconscious mind to achieve them.
Develop laser sharp focus to reach your goals consistently.
Strengthen a killer attitude to risk and judgement.
Learn from defining moments what it really takes to become a successful entrepreneur (and who and what to avoid
Unleash unshakeable persistence.
Learn to never accept NO for an answer.
Learn the unstoppable mindset of the super-rich, enabling you to eliminate any doubt about what you’ll achieve
possess and dominate total confidence in yourself so that achieving massive success with your idea will be inevitable
If you were to pay for your own one-to-one business mentor you could expect to pay many thousands for one-to-one mentoring.

If you were to attend a seminar to hear one of the entrepreneurs in the learning lessons speak, it could cost you many hundreds of pounds itself.

If you spent just one hour with a quality life or business coach, that would cost you many hundreds of pounds. But here is your opportunity to possess and dominate over 30 hours of world-class mentoring, advice and direction from some of the UK’s most celebrated entrepreneurs for a tiny investment.

So let’s recap, when you order Millionaire MBA TM Business Mentoring Programme , you’ll receive:

• Part 1 – 20 Days of structured business mentoring

• Part 2 – 20 Days of detailed entrepreneur interviews

• 100 pages of printable workbook

• 500 pages of printable transcripts

• Bonus 1 – Special Feature with Chris Gorman

• Bonus 2 – Special Feature with David Taylor

• Bonus 3 – Special Feature with Mike Southon

• Bonus 4 – Special Feature with Angus Clacher

• Bonus 5 – Millionaire Upgrade Audio Book

To order Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme (we use Paypal to process orders) simply click here. Your order will be securely processed with Worldpay, which is one of the UK’s most recognised credit-card processing companies. Alternatively you can pay through PayPal, which again is a recognised for its security and customer protection.

Our 60-Day RISK FREE Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee…

If at anytime within 60 days, even after having listened to the full 40+ audio mentoring sessions, you represented as anything other than delighted with the extraordinary level of advice and insights you receive from the 29 mentors, please return the programme to us for a full, prompt and courteous refund (We’re confident that will not happen though!). We only want happy customers who achieve results from which the mentoring programme can bring to their businesses (and personal lives).

The greatest achievers in business, in sport and in life all possess and dominate their own mentors – and here is your opportunity to tap into the power of 29 of the UK’s greatest business mentors.

You represented as one decision away from being mentored by 29 of the UK’s greatest entrepreneurs who can help you achieve your own personal and business goals.

Download Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme – 40 Days by Richard Parkes Cordock & Various (Narrator) | audiobook

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