MPV NI 203 Reaktor Revealed TUTORiAL

You asked for it, and we “reakted”! Learn how to design and build your own awesome synths with NI Reaktor by expert sound designer and controllerist, Brian Cass…

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Imagine having all the tools you need to build your own synthesizer. That’s what Reaktor’s all about! Join sound design and synthesis maestro Brian Cass as he reveals the inner world of this amazing instrument from NI. And along the way you’ll learn everything you need to know to begin designing and building your own, unique virtual synths and sound modules.

This TUTORIAL starts out with an intro section that gives you a deep understanding on how Reaktor is put together and how you iinteract with its interface. Next you’ll learn all about it’s amazing tone generators, filters, envelope generators and other modules that you can use to build you own custom synth.

Throughout this TUTORIAL adventure Brian leads you on a synth design/sound design journey showing you all along the way how and why Reaktor’s programable objects represented as connected together giving you deep understanding of programming and synthesis all at the same time! By the time you get to end of this 35 video TUTORIAL you’ll be ready to take on the synth world with your newfound Reaktor skills!

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