NI Massive – 10 000 presets (include for 2011-2012 year)

NI Massive - 10 000 presets (include for 2011-2012 year)

NI Massive – 10 000 presets

10 000 presets (include for 2011-2012 year) | 103 MB

76 different soundbanks for NI Massive from different manufacturers. Suitable for creating electronic, dance, club music.

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Adam Van Baker Massive Soundset For Massive
ASL SoundLab – Depths – Drum & Bass Soundset
ASL SoundLab – DUBSTEP Transformations
ASL SoundLab – Hard DUBSTEP Bass Vol 1 & 2
Atomik Tags Massive
Biolabs Massive Retaliations
Bunker 8 Digital Labs – Massive PTCHes Club Floor Filla
Camel Audio – Biolabs Massive Retaliations
Camel Audio – Biolabs Massive Sounds Vol 01
CFA Sound Futured Episode 1-3
Corin Neff – Frozen Solid(Massive Bank 1)
Dirty Essentials Vol 1 NI Massive Soundset
DMS Heavy Bass NI Massive Soundset
DMS NI Massive ELECTRO Soundset
Drew Spence Massive PTCHes
Drum n Bass & DUBSTEP NI Massive Presets
Emerge Audio – Harmony (MASSIVE, KSD)
Exotherm Sound Productions – Filthy DUBSTEP Presets for NI Massive Vol 2 (MASSIVE, KSD)
FE-1 Beats and Bytes
Filthy PTCHes – Ultimate Filth super package
Freak Records – Essential Freak Sound Vol 7 Massive!
FSS – Temple One Massive Soundset Volume One
Future Loops – Metachemical – Massive Soundset
Future Loops SoundSets For Native Instruments Massive
Hallways of the Nephilim
Hy2rogen – Massive Soundset Vol.1
Hy2rogen – Massive Soundset Vol.2
Jewel Audio – Circle (Massive)
JoJoGo NI – Massive Pads and Textures Vol 1
KVR Audio
LM – Dom Kane HOUSE Synths-Massive Presets
LM – High Rankin DUBSTEP NI Massive Presets
LM – Marco Scherer HOUSE FX Massive Presets
LM – Untold DUBSTEP DnB Massive Presets
LM Present DUBSTEP Synths Massive Presets
LM Presents ELECTRO Synths Massive Presets
Mainroom Warehouse – Mainroom Club Sounds Volume 1 For NI Massive
Mainroom Warehouse Mainroom Club Sounds Volume 2 For NI Massive
Massive – ElectroCrash – Liberatis soundset
Massive DUBSTEP Basslines – ZH
NI KORE Line Massive Expansion Vol.2 – DYNAMiCS
NI Massive Expansion Vol.2
Ni Massive Evolution Energy Trance Vol 1
NI Massive PTCHes Analog Factory Rotten Ghetto Attack
Noisefactory – Massiah Vol.1 – Big Room Themes
Nucleus Soundlab Databank v1-2 for Massive
P5 Audio – Dirty Minded DUBSTEP PTCHes for NI Massive
PTCHworx 06 – Meat Katie Tech Funk Massive presets
PlugInGuru – Massive Power super package V1
PL – Loopstable DUBSTEP Blast! Vol 1 (Massive, KSD)
ProSounds – Atomik Tags
Push Button Bang – DUBSTEP Shock Massive Presets
Sinevibes Critical Mass Vol 1,2 For NI Massive
Skrillex and Datsik Presets
SM101 – Massive Tech- HOUSE PTCHes
SM101 Massive Mainroom PTCHes
Sonic Drive Media – DUBSTEP Preset for Massive Vol 1
STS – Ultimate Filth super package Vol. 2
Standalone Music – Massive Soundset
Standalone Music Massive Soundset
Stephan Jacobs – 2011 Massive PTCHes
The Ultimate DUBSTEP D&B Massive PTCH super package
Uneek Sounds – Alien Keys (NI MASSIVE)
Uneek Sounds – Micro PTCHes NI Massive Vol 1
Uneek Sounds Massive Ejections For N I Massive
Uneek Sounds Underground Bass for Massive Vol.1
VG – Trance.Soundset.Vol.1.for.Massive
VG Studio – VG ELECTRO Soundset
Xenos Soundworks – Massive – Tweaked Out Techno

Download NI Massive – 10 000 presets (include for 2011-2012 year)

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