NI Skanner XT v1.1.0

NI Skanner XT v1.1.0

NI Skanner XT v1.1.0

Skanner XT v1.1.0 | 82 MB

R2R | .9.2012 | 82.2 MB
SKANNER XT is a raucous and exciting synth from the creator of REAKTOR. Part sampler, part synth, SKANNER XT offers a broad range of sounds – from big and nasty basses to celestial pads and intriguing, morphing soundscapes.

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Highly unpredictable, this instrument delivers an edge to your productions that no other synth can. SKANNER XT runs in REAKTOR PLAYER or the full REAKTOR 5 version, and is also optimized for easy browsing from the MASCHINE hardware.


You need cracked Reaktor to use.

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