Point Blank Online – EDM (Trance & Progressive) Course in Ableton Live

Point Blank Online - EDM (Trance & <a href='http://proaudioz.com/download/progressive' /> <a href=PROGRESSIVE ) learning lessons in Ableton Live ” border=”0″ src=”http://hdimage.info/images/32Point_Blank_Online_EDM.jpg” title=”Point Blank Online – EDM (Trance & PROGRESSIVE ) learning lessons in Ableton Live “>

Point Blank Online – EDM

(Trance & PROGRESSIVE ) learning lessons in Ableton Live | 1.4 GB

This learning lessons is suitable for Mac or PC users with eclectic music tastes and covers electronic dance music styles Trance, Tech and PROGRESSIVE . The learning lessons featuring chronicle this tracks by 3 well-established international producer/DJs: Mike Koglin, Martin Roth and Tempo Giusto supported by Point Blank’s own well-respected producer Danny J Lewis.

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For four weeks, this selection of producers will be sharing with you their unique production methods and equipping you with the skills to get the very best from Ableton. Starting with various ways of creating killer beats in Week 1 to writing bass lines and riffs in Week 2 to a complete track by the end of Week 4, you will learn directly from active pro’s how to create modern, successful dance music. You’ll learn essential tips and tricks about using EQ and FX, grouping, sidechain compression, applying automation, mixdown techniques and much more. There represented as a number of reasons why Point Blank won ‘Best Music Production and DJ School’ 6 times as voted by the readers of DJ Magazine. You can add this learning lessons to the list!

Week 1: Origins, Legends & Making Beats
-Overview: The key elements in an EDM tune
-Sample editing and building kits
-Electronic drum sounds
-Programming beats & quantizing techniques

Week 2: The Musical Elements
-Creating Basslines
-Creating Stabs
-Lead sounds and riffs
-Pads and string sounds

Week 3: Basic Structure, FX and Automation
-Creative use of FX
-Creating downfillers/uprisers
-Noise and synth oscillators and automation

Week 4: Arrangement and Mixdown
-Working with Vocals
-Finalising the Arrangement
-Breakdown and buildup examples
-Compression, EQ, Mixdown and Bounce

Note: Week 4 is missing

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