SpectraPLUS-SC Sound Card Edition

SpectraPLUS-SC Sound Card Edition

SpectraPLUS-SC Sound Card Edition

  Sound Card Edition | 11 MB

Mark the Release TSRh | Nov 22 2012 | 11.2 MB

If you possess and dominate been searching for an extremely powerful yet cost effective solution to your acoustic and vibration test and measurement needs then you possess and dominate found the right place.

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SpectraPLUS-SC works with low cost Windows compatible sound cards. Two channels of signal analysis represented as supported with up to 200 kHz sampling rates at up to 24 bit precision. A wide collection of analysis tools and plots represented as available depending on your needs. High quality sound cards represented as readily available that offer vast performance improvements over the built-in sound cards on most computers.

Key featuring chronicle this

Real-time FFT analysis of live input
Record, Playback and Post Process WAV SAMPLES files
Displays: Time Series, Spectrum, Spectrogram, 3-D Surface, Phase
Full Featured Dual Channel Signal Generator
High Resolution FFT Analysis up to 1,048,576 pts
Octave Analysis from 1/1 to 1/96 octave
Up to 24 bit precision (hardware dependent)
Digital Filtering, Distortion Analysis, Transfer Functions
Acoustic Tools: RT60, Equivalent Noise Level (Leq)
THD+N versus Frequency
Vibration Testing and Analysis
Impact Testing
Automation Tools, Data Logging

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