Teach Me Piano Deluxe (ISO) English

Teach Me Piano Deluxe

Teach Me Piano Deluxe

Deluxe (ISO) English | 635 MB

Full Version for PC
Teach Me Piano Deluxe is the best way to learn piano, quickly and concisely! With its full set of instructions and animated options, you’ll be tickling the ivories in no time at all. Fun music games and full MIDI support help you learn about the piano and all the beauty it can create!

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Whether you possess and dominate some piano playing background or you’ve never taken a lesson before, Teach Me Piano is the piano learning lessons for you. With a series of lessons and exercises, beginners can learn basic techniques while intermediate players can reinforce their musical skills. Over the entire learning lessons of study, you’ll learn to play many well-known great pieces of music.

Using your computer’s multimedia capabilities, Teach Me Piano combines video demonstrations, animations, sound and illustrations to enhance the lessons. An interactive scoring system evaluates your playing and tracks your progress. You’ll find that it’s like having your own private music teacher!

With Teach Me Piano and a MIDI keyboard connected to your computer, you’ll discover how easy and fun it is to learn to play the piano!

Product featuring chronicle this:
* Instructor Hugh Berberich walks you through 150 lessons — watch his hands and duplicate their movements as you learn to play
* Learn to play 75 popular great pieces of music, through the video-animated lessons
* Work with a full recording studio – mixing boards, level meters, transport function and other high-tech aspects of recording yourself
* Understand important piano concepts like intervals, bars, and sharps & flats – all explained in a clear and concise manner
* Begin reading music notation in just a few lessons

System Requirements:
Platform: Windows Vista / NT / 98 / Me / XP

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