TutsPlus Fundamentals Of Audio Production-RWD

TutsPlus Fundamentals Of Audio Production-RWD

TutsPlus Fundamentals Of Audio Production

Fundamentals Of Audio Production-RWD | 2.9 GB

Want to get started recording your own music, podcast, or other audio track? Fundamentals of Audio Production can get you up and running fast! Step right into an audio production studio with Dave Bode and learn the basics of sound and technique. From understanding the equipment to working with audio in editing software, Dave will get you started in the world of audio production.

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In this learning lessons, you’ll learn:

-The basics of signal and noise
-Analog to digital conversion
-Handling various types of equipment, microphones and connections
-Working with audio in Reaper
-Recording music on electric and bass guitars
-and more!

Introduction 6m 45s
Introduction and Signal to Noise 6m 45s

Audio Recording 1h 33m 38s
Analog to Digital Conversion 4m 45s
Intro to Microphones 3m 7s
Polar Patterns and Proximity 8m 6s
Preamps and Dis 5m 19s
Cables and Connections 01 7m 37s
Cables and Connections 02 9m 50s
Audio Interface, Studio Monitors, and Headphones 5m 23s
Reaper Demo 01 9m 3s
Reaper Demo 02 11m 2s
Recording Electric Guitar 01 6m 41s
Recording Electric Guitar 02 5m 33s
Recording Bass Guitar 8m 44s
Recording Acoustic Guitar 8m 28s

home page:
https://tutsplus.com/learning lessons/fundamentals-of-audio-production/

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