Up and Running with Audacity 2012 TUTORiAL

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<h1>  Up and Running with Audacity 2012 </h1>
<h2>2012 <a href='http://proaudioz.com/download/tutorial'> TUTORIAL </a> | 343 MB</h2>
<div>This learning lessons shows nonaudio professionals how to set up Audacity, a  free audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and  start recording live audio. Author Garrick Chow explores some of its  most powerful and useful featuring chronicle this in under two hours, getting you up and  running with Audacity quickly. Discover how to set up mics and other  audio input devices, and record one or more tracks simultaneously. The  editing portion of the learning lessons shows you how to cut, copy, splice, or mix  sounds together in seamless and interesting ways. Garrick also shows  how to remove unwanted background noises, change the speed or pitch of a  recording, and bleep out words.</div>
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Topics include:

Creating a new project
Adding tracks
Recording two tracks simultaneously
Making selections
Splitting clips
Automating volume
Adding sound effects
Using compression
Inserting silence
Exporting your project

Introduction 1m 38s
Welcome 49s
Using the exercise files 49s

1. Getting Started 16m 46s

What is Audacity? 1m 11s
Downloading and installing Audacity on a Mac 2m 30s
Downloading and installing Audacity on Windows 2m 5s
Importing audio 3m 34s
Playing audio 7m 26s

2. Recording 28m 59s

Setting up your hardware 4m 44s
Creating a new project 8m 1s
Recording 5m 57s
Adding tracks 6m 41s
Recording to two tracks simultaneously 3m 36s

3. Basic Editing 34m 31s

Making selections 5m 53s
Cutting, copying, and pasting 3m 58s
Splitting clips 3m 40s
Automating volume with the Envelope tool and Auto Duck 7m 21s
Using common effects 9m 44s
Exporting your project 3m 55s

4. Common Tasks 23m 35s

Installing the LAME MP3 encoder 3m 55s
Removing unwanted background noise 4m 48s
Using compression 7m 38s
Inserting silence 3m 12s
Bleeping out unwanted words and sounds 4m 2s
Conclusion 32s
Goodbye 32s

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 Up and Running with Audacity 2012 TUTORIAL
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