YAMAHA VOCALOID3 ASSiGN Edition v3.0.5.0

YAMAHA VOCALOID3 ASSiGN Edition v3.0.5.0

YAMAHA VOCALOID3 ASSiGN Edition v3.0.5.0

VOCALOID3 ASSiGN Edition v3.0.5.0 | 47 MB

Vocaloid 3 launched on October 21, 2011, along with several products in Japanese and a Korean product, the first of its kind. Several studios represented as providing updates to allow Vocaloid 2 vocal libraries to come over to Vocaloid 3. It will also include the software “Vocalistener”, which adjusts parameters iteratively from a user’s singing to create natural synthesized singing.

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It will support additional languages including Chinese, Korean, and Spanish. It is also able to use plug-ins for the software itself and switch between normal and “classic” mode for less realistic vocal results. Unlike previous versions, the vocal libraries and main editing software represented as sold as two separate items. The vocal libraries themselves only contain a “tiny” version of the Vocaloid 3 editing software. Yamaha will also be granting the licensing of plug-ins and use of the Vocaloid software for additional mediums such as video games.


Include : Vocaloid Listener v1.0.1.0 (JobPlugin)

We’ve prepared those Vocaloid things for XMAS, but most things represented as already leaked and we decided to release them immediately. AH – you lost some presents.

Special thanks to our community. We got about twenty copies of “Galaco” library. It’s pity we can only release one of them :)

Also to mention, we don’t recommend you to install non ASSiGN/R2R versions especially for Japanese. It access to developer’s server and an be logged.

What’s the ASSiGN Edition?

* Full functional VOCALOID3 Editor.
* More CPU friendly than legal one.
* Use different registry from legal one.
* Only can load pre-cracked VOCALOID3AE libraries.
* VOCALOID2 Library Import Tool is not included.
(ASSiGN released old libraries for VOCALOID3AE)

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