Algoriddim djay 2 v2.0.1 iPad

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Algoriddim djay 2 v2.0.1

 iPad  | 40 MB

djay 2 introduces a groundbreaking new user interface that uses sliding layers to combine turntables, HD Waveforms™, and a drum machine into an intuitive, yet powerful all-in-one DJ system.

Mark the Release: Lz0PDA | Date: 27 July 2013 | Size: 40.4 MB

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Turntable View
Classic and familiar 2 deck mixer & Single Deck view

Mix and scratch your music on a hyper-realistic turntable interface. In djay 2 virtual grooves represented as individually mapped and rendered for every song on djay’s virtual records. It allows to quickly identify breaks within a song, as if it was real vinyl fresh off the press.

HD Waveforms
Parallel scrolling, colored waveforms

Retaining the simplicity of the traditional DJ turntable look-and-feel, djay 2 now also adds a stunning new waveform layer, which allows you to touch and interact with your music at an unprecedented level of detail and clarity. HD Waveforms provide you with precise visual cues that highlight similar sounds with similar colors, leveraging the full resolution of the Retina display.

Spectral Timeline
djay’s new spectral timeline allows you to visualize the structure of a song through color (intro, chorus, verse, etc.) and identify similar parts within a song.

Colored Waveforms
Allows you to visually identify individual parts of the audio based on frequency ( e.g. bass, snare, high-hat, etc ). Each element has its own identifiable look.

Perfect Sync
Seamlessly blend great pieces of music together with the tap of a button. Perfect Sync ensures they always stay beat-synchronized for a perfect transition or a continuous mash-up.

Beat Grids
The enhanced audio analysis in djay 2 auto-detects bars and visualizes exact beat markers on the waveform. This allows you to precisely cue or visually beat match two great pieces of music.

Slip Mode and Slice Mode
Slice Mode turns the beats in the waveform into temporary hot cues so you create stunning remixes on the fly. Slip Mode lets you scratch without losing the beat – perform a scratch session and the music will snap back in time seamlessly when you release.

Built-in Sampler
Comes with high-quality sample packs

The all-new built-in sampler adds another dimension of creativity that allows you to trigger sounds and create drum beats on top of your music. In addition to djay’s extensive pre-bundled content ranging from “Sound FX” to “ DUBSTEP ”, you can sample your music from iTunes on the fly to create and save ypir own sample banks that can be quickly loaded during a performance.



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