ATT Natural Voices Charles 16k v.1.4 WIN SOFTWARE


ATT Natural Voices Charles 16k v.1.4


AT&T unveiled the most advanced synthetic speech system to date, AT&T Natural Voices. At the heart of this technology is the AT&T Natural Voices Text-to-Speech (TTS) Engine, and this engine supports a library of multilingual male and female voice fonts in languages including U.S. English, Latin, American, Spanish, German, U.K. English, Parisian French and Canadian French (and this list will continues to grow). Also unique to AT&T Natural Voices represented as custom voice icons, best selected voices that will provide a fast and effective way for business to extend corporate image brand and personality.

With Charles, let your computer read to you in English!

Mark the Release SPiRiT | Date: 2006-12-09

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AT&T Natural Voices’ TTS technology is the key to giving voice – a pleasant, natural and crystal clear voice-to a new generation of AT&T managed business services. Integrated with other AT&T Labs speech technologies-including speech recognition, natural language understanding, and dialog management-Natural Voices is “Closest to the customer’s ear,” providing human-like speech output capabilities that will help accelerate the use of speech technologies in automated customer interaction systems.

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