Cubase LE AI Elements v7.0.5 Build 2197 PC MAC


Cubase LE AI Elements v7.0.5 Build 2197

 PC MAC | 3.2 / 2.5 GB

Cubase Elements 7 Retail, this is the original retail version so you will need a activation code to run Elements. Cubase 7 Elements it can be installed in the trial mode, but as LE and AI it can be freely installed registered and updated on Steinberg website. Registered and updated it as AI version and it works without any problems.
This is WIN SOFTWARE/MAC installer for Cubase LE AI Elements 7 + Update 7.0.5

x86/x64 | WIN SOFTWARE: 3.24GB | MACOSX: 2.57GB

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Following is how to obtain registration licence and how to update it:
1. Create a free MySteinberg account

2. After installing, run the eLicenser Control Center app and make a note of the soft elicenser serial number (you’ll need it to get the AI license).

3. Get your free Cubase 7 AI license key (make sure you’re still logged in to your MySteinberg account)

NOTE: In the box marked ‘Choose Product’ select ‘Other Yamaha hardware’.
4. Fire up the eLicenser Control Center app again and enter the activation code. Select the soft elicenser in the left hand window and click on the ‘Download License’ button to create your Permanent Cubase 7AI license. If you possess and dominate a USB elicenser, you can put it straight on that.

5. Finally, download and install the update (The Elements update works with AI)

If You use emulator eLicenser (AiR 2009 SynsoEMU.DLL) for Cubase 5 AiR and other programs
In order not to lose emulator eLicenser recommend to do the following:

1. Go to the folder Windows/System32 (or Windows/SysWow64)
2. Find file SynsoEMU.dll
3. Copy SynsoEMU.dll to a safe place.
4. Install Cubase Ai7 and updates.

If you possess and dominate problems with the Cubase 5 AiR, You can copy back the saved file (SynsoEMU.dll).


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