Hauptwerk 4.0.724 MacOSX


Hauptwerk 4.0.724

MacOSX | 2.24 GB

The world’s best pipe organ emulator. Emulate all aspects of the real instrument, including the noise of air, the sound of the valves, the sound shift registers and other registers body can be assigned to different channels of audio interfaces, selecting the most appropriate acoustics for each register separately …
It supports most audio interfaces and midi-equipment for independent construction of the organ console.
Authorities for Hauptwerk – installable models of real TOOLS, each with unique sets of controls and samples of high resolution.
Included by default one organ St Anne’s Moseley, so you can immediately start playing.
After the installation wizard offers to help “pick up” your audio interface and midi-keyboard …

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How to build an organ console:
For the construction of a minimal body you will need a MIDI-keyboard and pedal keyboard.
C MIDI-keyboard, no problem (suitable, for example, any keyboard M-Audio or Behringer).
But the pedal keyboard in Russia – a problem.

Personally, I found it here: http://midiorgan.vx6.ru/organnye_pedali.
If the game is not only on the headset, you must either use a large acoustic set with a subwoofer.
Sound card is best to use an external (USB or Firewire).

Extras. Information:
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