IKM AmpliTube for iPad v3.0.2

iPad iOS IKM AmpliTube

 IKM AmpliTube for iPad v3.0.2

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A complete professional multi-effects processor, recording and editing studio and riff-learning tool for iPad. AmpliTube 3 turns your iPad into the ultimate mobile guitar/bass, multi-effects processor and recording studio/editing suite, offering up digital versions of your favorite analog amps, effects and recording gear.

AmpliTube for iPad gives you incredibly realistic amp tones and effects, full recording processing and editing capabilities, a powerful programmable drummer for easy creation of drum parts, and a timeline-audio waveform editor and sequencer — all in a mobile app from the leaders in analog gear modeling software for professional recording studios.

Lz0PDA | 25.7.2013 | 276.5 MB

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The signal chain

To take advantage of all AmpliTube has to offer, you first need to get your guitar/bass/vocal/instrument sound into it. We’ve got some fabulous ways for you to do that, including the new iRig HD digital interface, the original iRig Guitar interface, the iRig STOMP “stompbox” style interface, and the iRig Mic, iRig PRE and iRig MIC Cast compact microphone. Once you possess and dominate your signal going into your iPad, you’re ready to ROCK!

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