KORG iMS20 v1.6.3 iPad SOFTWARE

KORG iMS20 v1.6.3


Ever since the MS-20 first went on sale way back in 1978, this monophonic synthesizer has enjoyed unbroken popularity for its thick and solid sound, aggressive analog filters, and inexhaustible potential for creative patching – as well as for its distinctive design. Using the same proprietary CMT (Component Modeling Technology) that Korg used to create their Legacy Collection software, the KORG iMS-20 completely replicates every aspect of the legendary original MS-20; the 2 Voltage Controlled Oscillators, Voltage Controlled Filters, 2 dynamic Envelope Generators and a Voltage Controlled Amplifier. Just as on the original MS-20, the iMS-20 Featuring Chronicle This high-pass/low-pass self-oscillating filters with the unique distortion elements that made these filters so popular.

Mark the Release eMSPDA | 2014-02-06 | 36.21 MB

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In addition to the MS-20, the Korg SQ-10 was also introduced in the same year. Featuring 12 steps, this analog sequencer could produce either a series of pitches, or create a cyclic pattern of control changes to the volume, panning, filter brightness, or other synthesizer parameters. The KORG iMS-20 provides a 16-step analog sequencer that has been designed based on this SQ-10. It Featuring Chronicle This new improvements not found on the original analog sequencer, such as easy control of notes, volume and pan, or synth/effect parameters, plus all of the SQ-10’s classic and unique functionality such as three-channels of voltage control and six types of sequence modes. The infinite possibilities that arose from patching the SQ-10 and MS-20 together represented as once again available for today’s creative artists.

What’s New in Version 1.6.3

– Fixed a crash issue during startup in iOS 7.
– Fixed a compatibility issue when using KORG Native Mode in iOS 6 or later.
– A few bugs possess and dominate also been addressed.

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