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Samplitude Pro X is the perfect DAW for uncompromised audio productions – from arranging and recording, to editing and mixing, all the way to professional mastering and CD/DVD authoring. Work with a fully customizable interface and experience a DAW tailored to your needs. The precision audio engine with 64-bit support, outstanding mastering quality plugins, 5.1 Surround mixing and its ability to be seamless integrated into your studio make Samplitude Pro X the most powerful audio workstations.

“MG update’s some more, so i put all inside the spoiler! [see the same , but as proper looking\formated text, from inside the PDF File:”readme_EN.pdf” , wich you always be found in the sam startup-directory after installing something new…]”

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Import/Export/RecordingOMF import sometimes didn’t show objects in VIP -fixed
RF64 Trackbouncing didn’t work correctly if channel names in
Surround Setup (.gss) were changed -fixed
Wrong values in peaks.txt files -fixed
MPEG Export: Beside MP2 and WAV also MUS and MPG file endings
can be used
CD Burning: Too short CD Pause Indices could lead to missing
CD Track Indices -fixed
New burn routines
CD drive was not found under Windows 8 -fixed
CD import was sometimes slow at first track
Caused by Q-Channels that includes Pause markers and ISRC
New option “ISRC and Pause Marker”, which is off by default
Trackbouncing: 5.1+2 RF64, Stereo Master did not include audio
if project hat direct outs to soundcard devices higher than
the Master \ Improvements in Bounce dialog
Internal routing of devices improved
Creation of peak.txt and XML files improved
Peak.txt: Surround channels were sorted according to Surround Set
up (not according devices) Batch Processing
“Complete size” was not updated after loading a job -fixed
Improved loading of files with different formats
mus files were sometimes not processed correctly -fixed
mp2, mus – files were saved with fixed bit rate even “No change”
for target format was checked -fixed
Improved handling of L/R-Files
Improved import of AAC, M4a files. First it’s read with Direct
Show and then with old method. (Currently only for x32 version)
Peak value display
Sometimes didn’t show any value -fixed
RF64 5.1+2 showed _06, _07 for stereo channels -fixed
Maximum value was sometimes not correct -fixed
Naming of peaks.txt for multitrackbounce adjusted
Marker in WAV files were sometimes after the end of the file -fixed
Record Mode “Record independent of Playback” with option “No new ob
ject for Fail Start Function”: Cursor did not stop at record end
position -fixed
Improved performance for VIP opening and closing on network drives by
using following ini entry:NetworkFileCaching=1 [Setup]


Vita version Independence updated to version
updated to vPerformance of Audio Engine improved considerably
Modulation effects (Chorus, Flanger etc. ) sound improvements
New Vandal Insert FX. Distortion, Guitar Amp, Cabinet Simulation
Impulse Response Engine improved. Is much more efficient now.
Usage of VSTGUI 3.6 with highly improved GUI performance.
Denormalize issue for some Insert FX fixed
Notes were sometimes played too short -fixed
Many more improvements
Mixer: Multi-selection of elements in different tracks by using Shift+
Cursorkeys Cursorkeys, PgUp/PgDown, Pos1, End can be ignored in Mixer by
using following settings:
Customize: GUI_DisableMixerKeys.INZ or [Factors] DisableMixerKeys=1
VSTBridge Crashes during Scanning -fixed
EQ116: Tooltip at automation points didn’t show parameter values -fixed
EQ116: Highpass filter in oversampling mode could cause crackles -fixed
Crash after toggling tabs in Object Editor, in conjunction with the option
“To all” and usage of internal plug-ins like EQ116 -fixedElastic Audio:
Shortcuts to select mouse mode didn’t work -fixed (CTRL+1, 2,…)

Hardware Controller
New dialog layout
Problem or crash at shutdown of application with enabled Eucon -fixed
EQ, AUX were sometimes not updated after channel or bank switch -fixed
Improvements for visually impaired users

Setup_VisuallyImpaired.INZ updated
Visualization window for playback and recording made wider to show all values
New project template “VisuallyImpaired”. Note: When loading the INZ container
there is a question dialog to delete other templates or not.
If you say “no” the new template will be added to the existing ones.
The project template “VisuallyImpaired” is set default for new projects. With
this template, the mixer is maximized and shows all
elements.Position of mixer was changed


Horizontal Visualization: Right VU-value was colored red instead of Peak-val
ue -fixedLoad/Save-Buttons in Plug-in Setup-Dialog and Extended Buffer Setup
were missing -fixed”Collect project files”: MP3 files represented as selected by default
Drag&Drop of MP4 files sometimes lead to multiple files in VIP -fixed
Diverse Crash Fixes

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