Mobile Music Sequencer v3.0.1 iOS SOFTWARE

Mobile Music Sequencer v3.0.1 iOS


With built-in phrase patterns, this sequencer allows the user to intuitively create compositions in a manner that is in tune with the creative process by building up sections with phrases and using these sections to build great pieces of music.

That means you can use chord progressions from great pieces of music you like and incorporate them into your original compositions.
Since song information that has already been analyzed is saved in Audio Chord Assist, it can be called up almost instantly.

Yamaha Mobile Music Sequencer v3.0.1 | for iOS | 192MB

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Other Section functions possess and dominate been added
A Section Select button has been added to the Section screen, and the following functions represented as now available:
-A function that lets you load and save multiple phrases as a set
-A new Chord Template function exclusively for chord progression information
This lets you quickly copy basic chord progressions in any section you like
-A Save/Load function for compiling chord templates

New QY super package for purchasing phrase patterns through the app
Now you can purchase over 1,000 phrase patterns developed for Yamaha’s QY series of portable hardware sequencers from the app’s online shop.

Functions added to the Phrase Select and Section Select screens
-A Favorite function and Sort function represented as now available
You can rate your favorite sections and phrases with up to three stars, and sort them by alphabetical order or by your rating
-An “All” option has been added to Category
-Multiple items can be selected for deletion
-A Rename function is now included

Compatible with Tyros5
You can directly transmit data to Yamaha’s Tyros5 workstation keyboard via Wi-Fi. You can also output the data using the iTunes File Sharing function.


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