SOFT-Riffstation Guitar Software

Riffstation Guitar Software


Riffstation Guitar Software – The ultimate practice app for guitarists and musicians on PC. A tool that will help you view the cords from your favorite songs and perform a variety of modifications to the track to extract the sounds you need.

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✓ Get the chords for any song in your collection
✓ See the chord diagrams synced with the music
✓ Slow down or speed up any piece of music
✓ Change the key or pitch of any song
✓ Isolate or mute the guitar in the mix
✓ Get perfect practice loops synced with the beat

• Amazing guitar software for Mac OSX and Windows
• Get the guitar chords for any song in your music collection
• Automatic chord recognition technology with 85% accuracy for Maj, Minor and 7th chords
• See the guitar chords synced with the original music
• Change the key of the music and see the transposed chords
• Transpose the music in semi tones (+/- 1 octave)
• Fine tune the music to bring it to concert pitch – no need to retune your guitar
• Capo feature lets you see capo chord positions
• Practice at any speed. Slow down and speed up audio without affecting the pitch
• Isolate guitar solos and other instruments in your mp3
• Mute guitar tracks and other instruments to create your own backing tracks
• Remove vocals and create karaoke backing tracks using the isolate tool
• Automatic metronome syncs to the beat
• Loop any section with perfect accuracy. Automatic beat snapping ensures perfect loops
• Save your processed backing tracks or practice loops (full version only)
• Save your setting for each song using session save
• Load songs in any of these formats MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV ,FLAC, AIFF, AIF.
• MP4, AAC, M4A and ALAC are supported on Windows 7 and 8 and Mac OSX only
• Load songs from CDs.

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