Tracktion v4.5.6 x86 x64 SOFTWARE

x86 x64 Tracktion READ NFO    Pro AudioZ

Tracktion v4.5.6 x86 x64


TRACKTION is the world’s fastest and easiest way to compose, record, edit, mix and share your music.
Tracktion’s true single-screen interface has it all. Never get lost or distracted due to perfect left-to-right correlation from input to track to mixer…
A True Single Screen Interface
Tracktion’s ease of use begins with its unique, single screen interface. While its possible to hide Featuring Chronicle This if you like, all Tracktion Featuring Chronicle This can be reached and operated from this single page.
No other professional quality music production software can accurately make this claim.

Mark the Release: CHAOS | Jan 20 2014 | Size: 41.2 MB

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Intuitive, Left-to-Right Workflow
Like reading a (western) book, just move from left-to-right… from input, to wave-form, to mixer and output. Tracktion always keeps perfect correlation between track and mixer so you never get lost while working very quickly.

Modeless Operation
Building on principles originally proposed by poineering Apple Computer engineer, Larry Tesler, Tracktion employs a modeless or mode-free user interface.

This eliminates the confusion caused by the need to select a particular “tool” for any given operation as in most other DAW programs. Less confusion brings greater speed, fun and creativity.



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