Acoustic Enlightenment with Jimmy Dillon TUTORIAL

Acoustic Enlightenment with Jimmy Dillon


How’s your relationship with your guitar lately? “Jimmy’s going to re-energize your passion for the acoustic.”Remember that time in your life when you were excited beyond belief to learn new things on the guitar?Do you find yourself “just too busy” to play much anymore? Has your guitar been sitting in a case for days, weeks or even months?
Maybe you’re not having as much fun as you used to? …We all get stuck in plateaus and ruts from time to time.
If you’re like me, that feeling of fun and discovery is the whole reason you started playing.
However — life can easily get in the way. Jobs, family, kids, school and other stresses can quickly push guitar out of your life.
What if you could get inspired again? What if you could feel that joy and excitement all over again?
Well guess what… YOU CAN.
If you’re not having fun on the guitar on a daily basis, you’re short-changing yourself…

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Who Else Wants to Feel the Joy And Excitement
That Comes From Playing Great Acoustic Guitar?
If you’re ready for a new batch of acoustic guitar tricks that are going to get you pumped up…
“Learn the Zen Master acoustic guitar secrets.”
Then — get ready because Jimmy Dillon is here to help you revitalize, recharge, and renew your inspiration.
And like an enlightened Zen Master, Jimmy is here to inspire you… to teach you… and to help you to create new sounds with your guitar just by following his simple examples with tabs.
It’s all thanks to his new course called “Acoustic Enlightenment” which comes on 3 DVDs (again, with tabs!)
Hot-off-the-Presses 3 DVDs and Tabs Shows You Dozens of “Plug & Play”
Acoustic Guitar Tricks So You can Create Hot New Sounds Instantly.


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