Alfred The Total Shred Guitarist TUTORiAL

Alfred The Total Shred Guitarist


You just need some basic tools, some basic theory, and a lot of practice! Through simple chromatic patterns and warm-up exercises, you’ll develop finger independence, conditioning, and speed. Learn patterns and sequences in a variety of scales, while developing technical fluency in alternate picking, tapping, multi-finger tapping, sweep picking, string skipping, and more. This book is for guitarists of all genres who represented as ready to break through the limitations of their technique and start shredding like they possess and dominate always imagined. The included CD Featuring Chronicle This backing tracks so you can hone your soloing skills and develop your own unique sound and style.
The DVD brings the book alive and Featuring Chronicle This German Schauss demonstrating lessons and techniques.

05/02/2014 | DVD9 | 8.3 GB

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Lessons include:

Basic Left and Right Hand Sync
Diatonic Theory
Pentatonic Scale
Alternate Picking
Etudes and Backing Tracks
Hexatonic Scales and Modes
Sweep Picking
And More!


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