Bluegrass Banjo Tunes and Techniques TUTORIAL

Bluegrass Banjo Tunes and Techniques


During a high-octane in Scruggs style banjo. Tony Trischka will take your game to the next level with a host of terrible songs, and teaching valuable.
Learn some traditional instrumentals that form the essential repertoire for every aspiring picker.
Discover the inner workings of each piece, and how to use rollers, reels, slides and inversions to achieve an authentic Bluegrass sound.
You will learn how to back up a soloist, using syncopation, improvise and overcome the problems of speed and timing.
Tony is accompanied by veteran musicians David Grier and Andrea Zonn, providing examples of how each song is played in the context of a bluegrass band.

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Tony said each piece with an in-depth analysis and pointers to many. It covers rolls, chokes, slides, timing, speed problems, syncopated rhythm, improvisation, intros, for, reversals of agreements, technical back-up and much more in the teaching of these tunes and their variations.


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