Brett Manning Mastering Mix TUTORiAL

Brett Manning Mastering Mix


The Mix is the most elusive part of the voice. It creates a smooth transition between the chest voice (bottom) and the head voice (top) which enables singers to reach their full potential.
Ninety percent of singers experience some kind of break-flip or disconnect between these two qualities. Without the mix, the extremes of pulled up “chest voice only” will kill a singer. The extremes of “head voice only” will bore an audience.

Mastering Mix exclusively tackles the conundrum of building the middle, blended or “mixed” areas of the voice. With the mix, you have the power of chest voice and the freedom of head voice – The same commercial tones used by greats like Keith Urban, Hayley Williams of Paramore, Take 6, and many more are unveiled.

Mark the Release DYNAMiCS | August 2010 | 6.38GB

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CD01 – Chest Voice
CD02 – Head Voice
CD03 – Pharyngeal
CD04 – Edge
CD05 – Mix Workout
CD06 – Bridging System
CD07 – Types of Mix
CD08 – Normalizing Mix
CD09 – Vowels-Only Exercise
CD10 – Beginning Applications
CD11 – Advanced Applications
CD12 – Morning Warm-Up, Evening Cool-Down

Release Info:
SUPPLiER..: Mark the Release DYNAMiCS
DiSKS…: 12CD + 1DVD
DATE….: August 2010
PACKAGER..: Mark the Release DYNAMiCS



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