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The Cobus Method


The Cobus Method is a step-by-step video training system that teaches how to play the drums entirely by ear. Beginner to advanced concepts are simplified and complex theory is avoided – focusing instead on creativity, musicality, and ear training. This unique approach speeds up learning while making the process fun and easy.

– 15 step-by-step training DVDs and 5 play-along audio CDs.
– No sheet music – this natural approach is based entirely by ear.
– Play-along Song Assist makes it easy to understand song structures.
– Includes 15 play-alongs and lessons on how to learn all your favorite songs.
– Complete footage of the writing process behind five of the play-along songs.
– Tips and advice on developing hand speed, unique beats, and creative fills.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 06 August 2014 | 16.9 GB

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No Sheet Music
The Cobus Method is based entirely around playing the drums by ear. This natural approach completely avoids sheet music and complex theory – focusing instead on playing the drums along with real music!

Fill Shizzle System
Wish you could create fresh and original drum fills to use within real music? Cobus demystifies his approach to creating memorable drum fills, so you too can impress audiences with your creativity.

Unlimited Play-Alongs
The Cobus Method includes eighteen play-along songs for you to practice with. More importantly, it will help you develop the ability to turn your entire music collection into a massive play-along library!

Instant Online Access
The Cobus Method Online gives you instant online access to all the features included in the full Cobus Method including the video lessons, play-alongs, and much more, all with no shipping hassle!

Developing Hand Speed
Are you interested in developing speed around the drum set? Cobus explains his custom exercise for building speed, power, and control – while pointing out critical mistakes to avoid when getting started.

Step-By-Step Training
Absolutely anybody can learn to play drums with this step-by-step approach. Cobus provides a simple framework for rapid development of your musical abilities through progressive lessons.

Play-Along Song Assist
It can be tricky to understand the structure of full songs when first learning how to play the drums. The Cobus Method includes visual hints to make this process much easier when getting started!

How To Practice Drums
Drummers at all skill levels often struggle with getting value out of their practices. Cobus shares his personal advice on how to rapidly boost your musical abilities with three fun drum exercises.

Writing With A Band
One of the most exciting aspects of playing drums is creating original songs. With that in mind, Cobus sat down with a band to create five original songs from scratch, so you can watch the entire process!

Showmanship Techniques
Do you enjoy adding a little visual flair to challenge yourself when drumming? Cobus demonstrates his favorite stick tricks, and explains his approach to using them within various drumming situations.

Beat Shizzle System
Do you want to create unique and memorable drum beats? Cobus explains his simple approach to building original drum parts that you can use to create your own patterns entirely from scratch.

Epic Ear Training
Training your ears is a critical part of learning to play music. Cobus explains how to develop the ability to hear what other drummers are playing, and how to create your own drum parts by ear.

Playable On All Devices
Take the Cobus Method on-the-go! You can load the play-alongs onto any MP3 player or even browse the membership website with an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android device with live Internet Access!

Organic Technique
It is critical to play the drums with good technique to reduce the chance of injury. Cobus takes an organic approach to developing hand technique that delivers power through a relaxed grip.

Cobus Dictionary
Cobus makes use of some “custom” english words throughout this training system, so the video Mark the Release included a fun on-screen feature to help explain his unique terms like “ridonculously” and “defo”.


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