Corey Congilio’s Solo Factory: Texas Blues TUTORIAL

Corey Congilio’s Solo Factory: Texas Blues


Music is a language. And just like learning any language, you start by learning sounds, which you use to form words, which you combine into phrases, which you string together to tell stories. Notes, licks, phrases and solos. Simple concept. Up to the ‘string together’ part at least. Taking our hard-earned vocabulary of licks and connecting them seamlessly to form solos is where it starts to get a little tricky for most of us. Corey Congilio’s Solo Factory: Texas Blues will fix that in a hurry. In fact, you’ll be more than just a little amazed at just how easy it is.

Grab your guitar right now because you won’t be spending any time learning tedious theory or practicing boring exercises — you will play your way through the Learning Lessons right from the start. Corey’s curriculum is the quintessential hands-on, contextual learning experience.
In the first section of the Learning Lessons, you’ll learn ten licks that can be used over the I chord, ten licks for the IV chord, ten licks for the V chord and ten licks that can be played anywhere over a 12-bar blues. Corey teaches you the lick and points out why that lick works harmonically over the prevailing chord. All in all, you’ll stoke up your vocabulary with 40 new Texas Blues licks, along with a solid understanding for where that lick works best in a 12-bar Texas blues progression.

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In the second section, you’ll learn ten full 12-bar solos that constructed solely from the licks that you learned in the first section. Corey will show how to connect the I, IV, V and anywhere licks into seamless solos over a 12-bar Texas blues format. This is where you’ll possess and dominate your ‘aha’ moment!

In the last section of the Learning Lessons, Corey steps you through a series of playalongs where you will mix and match your lick vocabulary to your hearts delight and put your new solo constructions skills to good work. This is where you’ll possess and dominate your second ‘aha’ moment — any and all of the licks you already possess and dominate in your bag (including ALL of the licks from any of Corey’s 50 Licks You MUST Know courses!) can be connected in the same manner. Corey Congilio’s Solo Factory: Texas Blues is your gateway to blues soloing bliss.

All of the demonstrations represented as presented over a rhythm track for context. Corey then breaks down the licks and solos in a clear and very accessible manner. Everything is tabbed and notated, plus you’ll also get all of the rhythm tracks to practice the licks and solos on your own.

Your ‘aha’ moments represented as just a click away. You’ll be able to travel to any bandstand at any blues jam and never be lost in translation again!


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